Relinking samples for 5,030 imported Sampler multisamples?

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Re: Relinking samples for 5,030 imported Sampler multisamples?

Post by mrdelurk » Mon Jul 18, 2011 9:42 am

I'm writing this with tears in my eyes. (Not a joke.) I have been playing .sf2's in Ableton since half an hour. Open a .sf2 - it just works. Throw the .sf2 to the remotest corner of the most distant HD, open it - it still just works. No importing performed or needed. This is SO beautiful, so liberating, I can play sound after sound and actually make music and not worry about relinking, and Library, and "media files not found" and WTF. I'm a musician again.

Ahh, this is so tremendous, I nearly forgot how great this can feel to deal just with the music.
The solution was to download VSampler and use it instead of Ableton's Sampler. I have been using the VST plugin since half an hour only so not everything is totally clear yet (e.g. how I move its GUI window around the screen) but frankly, I'm so happy that my 5000+ .sf2's just work, I couldn't care less about GUI niggles YESSSS!.

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Re: Relinking samples for 5,030 imported Sampler multisamples?

Post by dysanfel » Thu Feb 14, 2013 4:18 pm

I am having this problem as well. I have a sample library that is in a drum rack. The samples are showing as 'missing'. I can find the 'candidate' sample, but I am forced to manually replace the candidates. Live never automatically links any samples. Such a shame that I can't use this drum rack because I don't have time to manually link 1500 samples.
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Re: Relinking samples for 5,030 imported Sampler multisamples?

Post by thequizrad » Sun Aug 25, 2013 10:02 am

hoffman2k wrote:Once you fixed your files with the library manager, its best to either keep them in your Live library or throw them all inside a project and do a collect all and save, so that it works on other computers too.
That is currently one option I am using. I have a "creative template" project that I am creating specific Sampler racks in, and I just realised that dragging samples from various sources into one Instrument Rack could get messy, so I did a collect all and save, and now I have a project with 1GB of samples in the Imported folder.

To my mind that is a tidy solution to the "missing files" scenario.

One question: if I load up my "creative template" project and save it as a different song in a different folder, will Live then always refer back to the "creative temp" project folder for all of its Sampler samples? Does that mean that I have to be really careful NOT to alter the "creat temp" project in ANY way?

Would it be better to re-save all of those samples in a separate folder?

So many questions, such a small brain.... :|

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