compact disc.. do you still buy them (no seriously..)

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kev herb
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Re: compact disc.. do you still buy them (no seriously..)

Post by kev herb » Fri Jun 03, 2011 8:19 pm

i think alot of people around my age (31) and above can look back fondly on the days of physicall fomat music and alhough its no longer viable there was a magic connected to hunting down good music and coming home with something in your hand.

when i first started mixing i would go to "underground connection" in my then home town of Colchster in the earley to late 90s where the they sold the underground dance genres on vinyl. every tuesday the drum and bass delivery would turn up and we would stay in the shop listening to them chatting to the blokes who worked there and other people also there to check out the new releases (sometimes going out the back for a sneaky doob :) ).
it was not only a way of geting music it was much more! it was a way of meeting people with same interests and going round each others for a mix. i would spend hours in that shop as did many others. when i got back with my new tunes i would spin them and love them as there was like a story behind each one.

now i can find any tune i want and have it in seconds but there's something missing... :(
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Re: compact disc.. do you still buy them (no seriously..)

Post by nathannn » Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:07 pm

i am around your age (30) i do also remember having fun looking for music but i also remember wasting alot of time driving from place to place just to find out no one carried what i wanted. i also remember thinking cd's should have been replaced by mini disc but no one else seemed to care.
for me the past is the past i dont want to go back. i am one of the few people i know my age that dont have fond memories of 90's music. i really try to avoid that whole decade unless i happen to find something that i overlook.
i love being able to find what i want instantly its great! and i am now exposed to more music than i ever was with mtv and underground radio.
the only really fond memory's of getting cds when i was a kid was when i would get a package from columbia house with 12 cds. that was like Christmas. i ordered some cds in the early 2000's and felt like "meh what do i do with this crap".
my sister bought mgmts newest cd i opened it looked through the cover and felt no connection to it. i really do feel more of a connection now to video's and things posted on the internet.
maybe if i had a huge room to dedicate to plastic i would feel something. but i also feel the only thing i would feel is like im walking into the 90's.
with vinyl i feel the total opposite. i feel like this is music that i am holding. i can see the waveform, the artwork is huge! this is how music started being sold.
with downloads i feel like this is great!, i am in a record shop that has everything i want and nothing i dont. this is the best way for music to be mass distributed at the current time.
blue ray dvd and cd just feel like to much waste.
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Re: compact disc.. do you still buy them (no seriously..)

Post by doghouse » Fri Jun 03, 2011 10:28 pm

Yes, I still buy them...probably an average of 2 a week.


For the fidelity compared to compressed formats, for the covers and liner notes.

I have a laptop hooked up to my primary stereo but it's a kludge using it as an alternative to the CD player.

I already own about 2500 CDs and 5000 LPs, way too much to digitize and way too much to keep loaded on an iPod. No need to backup my CDs 8)

I grew up with vinyl (my dad had some 78s!!!) and open reel tape, watched the cassette and 8-track come and go along with DAT, DCC (digital cassette) and MiniDisc. By the time downloading was a way to buy all your music (as opposed to stealing it, ha ha) I already had a crapload of vinyl, tape, CDs and MiniDisc piled up. Now I have the problem of keeping enough hardware running so I can keep playing all those formats. Right now my open reel deck is nearly dead so I'm looking at digitizing about 300 hours of music :evil: Hope I die before I have to digitize my cassettes 8O

You guys who didn't start collecting music until Napster are lucky :?

oblique strategies
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Re: compact disc.. do you still buy them (no seriously..)

Post by oblique strategies » Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:26 pm

nathannn wrote: if 16 or 24 bit files where available for download would you stop buying cd?

I rarely use mp3s or AACs. I appreciate good audio quality. I've given in enough so that I'll use them sometimes on an iPod for personal listening, but that's just so I can carry more music with me in my pocket. The only time I will consider using them in performance or to DJ with if I can't get the sound or song any other way.

Plus I can play a CD when I don't want to use the computer, or when the computer is doing something else.

But for some music vinyl still sounds best :wink:

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Re: compact disc.. do you still buy them (no seriously..)

Post by macmurphy » Sat Jun 04, 2011 3:50 am

nathannn wrote: like i said though i will not download music that is intended to be sold. if the album is out of print (wich is almost never the case with music i like) then i will download it because i am not flying to another country just to pick up an album.

now if some one wants to tell me that i am still a thief because i preview an album or listen to an album on youtube
then my punk rock ethics will kick in and i will give you a swift "fuck off".
fair enough mate :wink:

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Re: compact disc.. do you still buy them (no seriously..)

Post by rcpunker » Sun Jun 05, 2011 2:44 pm

Took me half a year to move my cd's onto digital files.

lord toranaga
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Re: compact disc.. do you still buy them (no seriously..)

Post by lord toranaga » Sun Jun 05, 2011 2:51 pm

I buy cd all the time.

used from amazon = $5
mp3 from itunes = $10

that is a no brainer for me.
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