Ableton Live and BCR2000?

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Re: Ableton Live and BCR2000?

Post by pickerin1 » Wed Jul 13, 2011 2:26 am

OK, so had a bit of a dabble with Mackie emulation this weekend. Finally got it working – it is indeed a powerful way of working with the BCR but not entirely sure it's what I need. It seems to be mostly useful for controlling one track at a time for controls like sends etc. whereas I'd like the option to tweak more than one at a time in a live situation.

So I started from scratch with a user remote script, managed to achieve everything I was hoping to do EXCEPT... I can't figure out how to map the track activators (mutes) for each track. Seems strange that they'd leave this out in the user configuration file as it seems to me a very basic control alongside all the usual volume sliders, play/stop buttons etc. Ideas anyone?


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Re: Ableton Live and BCR2000?

Post by flipotto » Wed Jul 27, 2011 4:06 pm


There is genmce - a program for pc to convert a controller to mcu emulation.
There is also a preset written for bcr2000 that emulates mcu - you could use that bcr preset regardless of mac.
You just have to figure out how to get the preset over to the bcr on the Mac.
see my sig for link.

As for LCD opus has an LCD emulation for visual feedback on the Mac.

For what it is worth - I really like touchable for the iPad.
If you already have the iPad it is way cool, setup was a bit funky, and $24 for an app is pretty steep but lots of control and no need for a display, since it is already there on touchable.

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Re: Ableton Live and BCR2000?

Post by ioscommuter » Thu Aug 08, 2013 4:46 pm

I recently purchased the BCR2000 to control vsti's in ableton.
The problem I am having is that as I try to assign encoders to the controls of a vst using behringer's "learn" mode, all assigned behringer controllers map to the most recently selected vst param.

Example: assign behringer controller 1 to vsti filter cutoff, assign behringer controller 2 to vsti filter resonance. now both Behringer encoders are controlling resonance. If I use the mouse to select cutoff, then both encoders control cutoff.

It seems like all mapped behringer encoders are controlling whatever the most recently mouse-selected vsti parameter is, regardless of what they were setup to control.

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Re: Ableton Live and BCR2000?

Post by ChiefNugget » Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:57 am

Digging up an older thread here, but I hope someone can help. I'd like to get MIDI parameter feedback working from Amplitube VST in Live to update the encoder LEDs on my BCR2000 after changing presets. Anybody know a way to achieve this? I have a feeling it actually can't be done using Amplitube's MIDI mappings, and that the parameter feedback will only work for things mapped as parameters within Ableton.

This is what I've tried so far. Everything works but the parameter feedback. Set up the following Audio and MIDI track routings:

Audio - Guitar in with Amplitube VST
MIDI - "El Gtr MIDI IN" set to no input, output to "Audio - Amplitube"
MIDI - "BCR IN" from BCR2000 Port 1, out to "El Gtr MIDI IN"
MIDI - "SS IN" from SoftStep, out to "El Gtr MIDI IN"
MIDI - "BCR FB" from "El Gtr MIDI IN", out to BCR2000 Port 1

I have a template for setting up stomp boxes and amps for a number of "tweakable" guitar rigs within Amplitube. It requires way more than 16 controls to be mapped, so I need to use the MIDI mapping within Amplitube rather than mapping Amplitube parameters to Live (which is limited to 16 parameters by Amplitube). It's great for making Amplitube feel like playing a real analog guitar rig with knob-per-function.

I've only had two real problems with this setup. No parameter feedback to the BCR2000, and no MIDI pickup mode in Amplitube. Any ideas to fix those?
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