RP Delay $10 AudioMidi no-brainer!

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Re: RP Delay $10 AudioMidi no-brainer!

Post by Jacqueslacouth » Mon Aug 01, 2011 7:50 am

Just bought this, absolutely fantastic for turning loops inside out and into something new. No problem dropping it into either audio or midi tracks in Live, however in Logic it only appears to be useable in Midi tracks. Does this men I have to use a side chain thingy in Logic....I'm really losing patience with the way of using effects on Audio in Logic (it is the same with Orange Vocoder) Live is really starting to open a gap from my perspective in ease of workflow especially when using plugin effects. This has been a long time decision making process but I think Live has just about got my longer term commitment.

But back to topic, I agree with many above about this being the best no-brainer I have bought unlike the bias pitchcraft one from last week.

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