How to repair a broken APC40?

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fall 79
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How to repair a broken APC40?

Post by fall 79 » Fri Aug 26, 2011 1:54 pm

Hi everybody,
after investigating where my problem was, i concluded my apc 40 has a broken fader.
I searched the net to find some solutions but in vain...
This link show the inside of the beast. I wanted to have the references of the fader in order to find a piece on the internet or in a local
electronic shop. But all I get is P22, P23, C14, C15 which stands for controllers I guess...

My questions are :
1/Does anyone of you has already changed a fader on the APC 40?
2/Which are the technical specifications of the faders? I mean (the resistance, 10Kohm?, I know they are 45mm long ;), the voltage...
I'm not in electronics but after several calls, the electronic shop man told me that he has to know the resistance, etc...
I found on this site a pretty accurate pic of the fader, which looks like the pics of the inside's beast...
3/Is there better ways to solder/desolder them?
All these questions because, when you got a deeper look, a fader just costs 2.99€, which means nothing : At tha^t price, I can get 8 or 9 faders in order to replace them when they will break...
A lot of vids stands on the net to know how to solder.

-->>I think I'm gonna buy an iron solder/get the pieces (faders) and try to repair by myself the Unit
because it seems quicker to DIY rather than calling The Akai support (I'm from Belgium - Sorry for my poor English -and I checked the Akai site and we, non-americans cannot register in the Akai Site, which is quite sick), my guarantee i over, so the shop won't accept my request of repairing the unit - which will take several months...
I called a shop which state they repair all kinds of electronics but I have to provide the piece (Thank you for your help, they even cannot find for me the piece, i'm ready to pay for the repair - however it will costs me maybe 50€ o more)
All these reasons leads me to try to repair by myself the Unit which is quite risky - but if i succed it will be easy to repair the apc next time and for nothing - the faders costs more or less 2.99€ which is very cheap!

So, if anyone of you has solutions, ways to repair, to find the exact piece, the tehcnical specifications of these faders, or other links to share with us (those who own a broken apc - Hardware problem on this fabulous Unit) can tell us to share our knowledge.

You know, some guys will says : "one fader broken - this is not a big deal" but yes it is, because if you have more than 8 tracks, a track will be in position 5 (my broken fader which moves on screen without i touch the physical fader - that causes a back to arrangement view all the time , etc etc...)

So please, if you have to comment on this, it will be much appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your help, and see you soon!

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Re: How to repair a broken APC40?

Post by JuanSOLO » Fri Aug 26, 2011 2:40 pm

I would say, call them^^^ , but I see your in Belgium. However you can find what you need on their site, it's just easier to call. I ordered a couple faders from them a while back, but I still haven't changed them out. Seems easy enough though.

fall 79
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Re: How to repair a broken APC40?

Post by fall 79 » Fri Aug 26, 2011 3:28 pm

Thanks for your reply!

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Re: How to repair a broken APC40?

Post by kunchok » Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:41 am

have you had any luck? I am trying to do the same thing.


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Re: How to repair a broken APC40?

Post by Eleison » Tue Sep 04, 2012 1:03 pm

Similar thing happened to mine (fader 5 as well) - problem was corrosion on the fader strip. The action got erratic over time, and became unusable.

I ended up taking it to a local audio electronics guru (MB Electronics if your in Sydney) and he pulled the fader assembly off the board and apart, and cleaned the surface corrosion etc.

The most difficult part of the process may be in actually trying to get the fader off and back onto the board as I think they are all "surface mount" but I may be wrong... :)

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