Convert the infidels!

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Convert the infidels!

Post by UnCL0NED » Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:25 am

Fellow Ableton Live users!

I have the opportunity to show in my music class why Ableton Live is The DAW to go to. So far we've discussed Pro Tools, Logic and Cubase during the lessons.
I know I can just copy the features mentioned on the Product page, but I would really want to convert some souls! :twisted:

:arrow: I'm not trying to start another X vs. Y thread here! We know by now that every DAW has its own great features and pros and cons.

- I would just like to hear some of Live's unique selling points from you guys.
- If you switched from a different DAW to Ableton Live, maybe you can let me know what made you switch.
- Maybe you have a "strategy" on how to approach such a lesson.

My idea at the moment was to bring my Laptop and my APC40 and show them how quickly it is to set up some tracks in Session View and start jamming a bit, explaining them different possibilities within the program as we go...

Thanks for the input!
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