Live 9 info just announced at AES!

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Re: Live 9 info just announced at AES!

Post by CR78 » Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:03 pm

Khazul, I completely agree.

I was a Logic user for years but then I discovered Live at version 5. Live instilled a workflow in me that I don't think I ever want to leave. That said, I've replaced the mixing side with Studio 1 and Harrison Mixbuss(sort of the final-final mixdown). Out of laziness I don't really rewire - I just drag the stems in. A hair clunky, but it works for me.

My gut feeling is that Live 9 will really up the ante on the Arrange side of the program which will probably cause some polarizing, knee-jerk responses.....just a thought.

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Re: Live 9 info just announced at AES!

Post by friend_kami » Wed Oct 26, 2011 9:56 pm

Khazul wrote:
icedsushi wrote:
friend_kami wrote:luckily that's not the only feature that is convincing.
Cool, I'd like to hear about those other things that make it convincing to switch. Not sure I'm still current about knowing what else is out there as far as features. I only used Logic & Reason a few versions back, so that's all I've tried recently as far as DAW's go, been switched over to using only Live ever since.

What about being able to rearrange devices on the fly without stopping the music, drum racks, MFL integration, wide variety of midi controller support, warping, flexible modular signal routing & the session view. Studio One has things similar to these? Or if not, do you miss them at all or perhaps don't need a few of those things?
There are loads of things I much prefer in logic or cubase that I really wish were as good (or even available at all) in live, but in the end for 90% of what I do - live gives me really great quick workflow compared to the alternatives and without feeling an non-stop craving for really expensive large format console type control surfaces, and most importantly it has a creative workflow that the alternative cant even hope to come close to in their current incarnations as most of what I do is creative work (even for clients) rather than straight up mix work (which even then usually turns into a chop and do creative stuff job and so better in live to start with despite non-existant support for multi-pass recording and comping).

Sure occasionally I get pissed of enough with certain releases of live that I might actually migrate a project out of live and into logic or even sometimes cubase but in all that - I dont think Ive ever really seriously considfering switching once the moments of utter frustration and thoughts of getting on a plane to berlin out for blood etc have passed.

The reason is actually quite simple - when live fucks up it usually does so like a annoying obstinate mule that completely screws up your workflow for a couple of hours. But nearly always pales into insignificant next to the day in day out endless clickeness and menu pounding for obscurely accessed common features that I have found with cubase and logic unless you happen to be using either with a really good and unfortunately very expensive control surface with 1000s of knobs on it.

OTOH - I have to be honest, if I had 25K to spend on a huge console like control surface for logic (ive been tempted by euphonix, but it doesnt quite cut it), then I doubt live would by much more than a sketch pad for me. Kind of like PT - with anything less than 100K to spend on your console, audio interface etc - dont touch with a barge pole.
set 1.1.1 here, warp from here. gimme a shortcut key dammit.
how about a more convenient key for browser searching?
oh, how about a better browser?

live is a great compositional tool, but that's it really.

also; try working with a huge project syncing up audio to frames of video.
make sure it's a long project, and cry everytime you go from point a to point b as live tried to preview the window in ultrarapid backwards as it rewinds the song, and grinds to a halt. live is great for sound design and it's great for performance, but you pretty much need to rewire it elsewhere to do serious work with it.

only 5 minutes ago i really lost it on live completely. i was designing this telephone sound for a game i am doing audio for and i was fiddling with a frequency shifter and lo and behold i accidentally put one automation point wrong. i mean, it looked as it was on the very same spot as the other one, but when i vertically stretched out the damned automation i saw that it wasn't (and heard it too, mind you). so i wanted to fix it pretty fast. i could in theory copy/paste a point to get the exact values of the previous one, but considering how densily populated that automation was that was out of the question more or less. tried getting an exact automation value in live? it's like hitting your head against the wall expecting the wall to open up. ofcourse it didn't help that the damned knobs are hardwired to log. scale either, making that shit even more annoying. i could do it of course, but it took more time and more fiddling than it should do.

if you accidentally place an automation point somewhere and you want to revert it to it's previous position you are pretty much screwed. unless you undo, which only work unless you do stuff in between. this is just automation though, one feature of live. there are plenty of things that is in direct need of an overhaul.

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Re: Live 9 info just announced at AES!

Post by pencilrocket » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:19 pm

Good posts are in this thread.

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Re: Live 9 info just announced at AES!

Post by icedsushi » Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:48 pm

friend_kami wrote:
icedsushi wrote: Well the Melodyne integration sounds nice and all, but not a big enough reason to switch from one DAW to another.
you're right, it's not.
luckily that's not the only feature that is convincing.

infact, i doubt i will be using melodyne integration much at all. it's all fun and games fiddling with that shit, but i prefer to get it right the first time instead, and focus on other, more important, tasks.

“It has long been a desired objective to enhance the integration of Melodyne into DAWs,” explains Celemony software architect Carsten Gehle. “With Presonus, we conceived the notion of realizing this as an extension of existing plug-in interfaces. So ARA was developed in equal measure from the standpoint of a DAW developer and a plug-in developer. As a result, it takes account of the needs of both sides, and both therefore derive maximum benefit from it. For the present, ARA offers an entirely new Melodyne experience in Studio One 2, but other DAWs and plug-ins should follow.”

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Re: Live 9 info just announced at AES!

Post by hacktheplanet » Thu Oct 27, 2011 6:42 pm

CR78 wrote:...... polarizing, knee-jerk responses.....just a thought.


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