Worst Sequencer Software ever

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starving student
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Re: Worst Sequencer Software ever

Post by starving student » Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:56 am

this thread is getting better dammit I'm going all in
wonder twin powers activate..........shape of a maschine with more than a measly 8 groups, at least
32 groups for petes sake, and yes I know you can slice a gang of samples on one pad but that's not
the workflow I'm talkin bout willis!

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Re: Worst Sequencer Software ever

Post by justchris86 » Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:33 pm

I bet you this guy is using a version of live he downloaded off the net
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Re: Worst Sequencer Software ever

Post by Khazul » Wed Oct 26, 2011 6:38 pm

Only working with 10 tracks makes sense for band when the production side is fairly minimal and to be fair - there is a tendency these days to get way way over complex because you can rather than because its needed :)

He is using XP which is no longer supported that well, I wouldnt mind betting that something got updated and buggered everything up if hes suddenly getting crashes, project that wont load etc. Could even be a corrupt HD issue unless its common across all 6 computers (have enough licenses for that lot?)

That said, Ive lost count of the number of times Ive been given project files from various DAWs with some or all of the audio tracks missing due to them being stored in various random places on the artists HD. Ive even ended up having to ask people to bring their computer in so I can locate them all. Thats the usual cause of stuff going 'missing', or someone decideds to reorganise their computer and buggers up the locations of various things, that using collect wall and save would have saved you from.

Not being able to load old projects OTOH is not an uncommon problem, especially if someone along the way you were using a beta version of live. Ive have quite a number of old project with issues loading - thank I have stems, master bounce and enough notes to be able to re-work them still from audio if I need to.

And sure the guy is pissed off and having a rant - at one time or another half of us here having been after ableton's blood for one reason or another and maybe had a good rant here.

Though it aint exactly a useful quality rant - not like we can really take a guess as to WTF is going :)
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Re: Worst Sequencer Software ever

Post by hacktheplanet » Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:16 pm

I'll bite.

I just spent the entire weekend recording a band in Live 8. Sure, no more than 8 tracks at the same time, but it worked. The only snag was that every so often the audio would drop out because my computer is getting a little long in the tooth. Have a listen here if you are so inclined: http://www.fakecomputermusic.com/cdk/10 ... ds_mix.mp3

I also did the same thing with my band a few months ago, and we had MIDI, 8 channels of multitrack, and the project files were upwards of 20+ tracks each with effects and shit! Again, few/no dropouts. Here's that one: http://www.samantha-is-a-punk.com

OP: What, pray tell, are the specs of these computers? Are you running a P4 or something? :D

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Re: Worst Sequencer Software ever

Post by friend_kami » Wed Oct 26, 2011 10:03 pm

aizo wrote:There's your problem right there, using Windows XP = fail. :lol:

Jokes aside, I suspect the real problem is you have 5 guys in the band that don't read manuals. I've never had audio files disappear unless I didn't "collect and save." I'm guessing that when you or one of your other band members saved a file you just uploaded the song's file, not a ".alp" or "live pack." I use a Dropbox account with 2 friends. They live on opposite sides of the US and I'm in Japan. I've never once had any midi problems or missing audio files.

As far as poor performance that could be related to many things; Soundcard, PC specs, pirated copy of software, pirated VST's, problematic VST's, incorrect settings, etc. etc..

If there are 5 different computers involved here and Live runs terribly on each PC then something is seriously wrong. Maybe drivers are outdated or something.

Live is definitely not the worst ever. Put Sonar on your computer and you'll see what I mean.
i've had live tell me that my files are either unlicensed or corrupted, but they were my files created by live itself, using live's native plugins only. oh, and it was only in live that they were "either not licensed or corrupted".

happens from time to time. it also retracts that statement from time to time as well and the files works great.
live is funny like that.

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