Audio Effect Rack - chain selects as pre-fade possible?

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Audio Effect Rack - chain selects as pre-fade possible?

Post by Bierman » Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:42 am

Hey there - so I'm designing a delay effects rack as a send to a return track, which contains 4 delays with different delay time settings etc, and have mapped a midi cc knob to sweep through the chain selector to select different delays... standard. I have mapped another cc from a pressure pad (trigger finger) as the send to the effect: the harder I push down on the pad, the more send goes to the delay, when I release, no send.

What I'm noticing though is that the chain selector acts effectively as a post-fade send. In other words, if I send to the delay while only D1 is selected in the chain selector, only D1 receives any signal. If I take the send away and quickly sweep over to a different delay, I don't hear any decaying delay taps, because those delay plugins never received any signal in the first place. I want my chain selector to act as a pre-fade send, ie when I push on the "send to delay" pad, I want ALL the delay chains to receive signal, and the chain selector knob to mix between them.

The only way I know to get around this is to make each one of the delay chains contain it's own effect rack, and using each chain selector, map them to the same cc knob, and span their ranges "blind" against each other (if that makes any sense?)

It's a clumsy and frankly kinda lame solution. Am I missing something obvious?



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Re: Audio Effect Rack - chain selects as pre-fade possible?

Post by pepezabala » Wed Jan 11, 2012 9:03 am

I have a delay rack that achieves your desired behaviour as follows:

two chains, one is dry signal, the other one 100% wet signal.

On the second chain I put a utility plug before the echo device and assign both the mute button and the volume button to the first macro in the rack. Then I edit the macro settings so the mute deactivates when the macro has a value higher than zero, the maximum volume set to zero db.

Turning the macro opens the second chain and increases volume, turning back to zero doesn't kill the echo-tail.

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