Is speaker popping dangerous, or just an unpleasant sound?

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Re: Is speaker popping dangerous, or just an unpleasant sound?

Post by foxymethoxy » Tue Feb 14, 2012 4:55 am

2be wrote:I had my KRK Rokit G2 6" studio monitors repaired twice because they were turned on/off in the wrong order.
(Was actually my girlfriend once and my brother another time, I of course take care of my babies!)
They are not the most expensive speakers, so maybe they are more prone to break, but I really wouldn't take a chance either way!

I have a remote control button on my table nex to my keyboard linked up to my monitors and sound interface. Easy to press and it's nice to have a failsafe option if you ever get some nasty loud signal (happended to me one time when I was experimenting with feedback loops in Live and turned up the send just a little bit too much... I didn't even know my monitors could go so loud that the furniture starts to shake. Happy I didn't took any hearing damage from it!)
And I don't think you can guess the damage of such a signal. You might only hear a tiny bit of the actual signal. I have no sources for this, but I'm pretty sure there could be some nasty ultralow or superhigh frequencies.
Really? I have fairly well abused the hell out of my Rokit8 G1s and they are still rockin.

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Re: Is speaker popping dangerous, or just an unpleasant sound?

Post by mattb » Wed Mar 19, 2014 2:42 pm

Actually I don't think its that bad.
At my university I was part of The Dirty Electronics Ensemble. We would build bespoke 'dirty' electronic instruments and synths and perform with them, each having a small genelec speaker as our output. Many people were popping, unplugging and re-plugging the speakers to create all manner of fragmented and dirty sounds. The synths themselves would also output at 'dangerous' levels. this all added to the fun.
The Uni and technicians seemed totally fine with this, on speakers worth a few hundred quid, at least 16 or so of them.

Personally, i still switch my speakers off when doing anything. Though I don't fear being a little avant guard and experimental, playing with 'dangerous' sounds will damage speakers.

I use ADAM A8X. Got them 2nd hand, they were a couple of years old already i think. Still fine.

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Re: Is speaker popping dangerous, or just an unpleasant sound?

Post by Tarekith » Wed Mar 19, 2014 3:21 pm

I use a Monster 2500 and 3500 power racks, they power the speakers up last and turn them off first, all from one switch. You can be lazy and still protect your gear :)

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Re: Is speaker popping dangerous, or just an unpleasant sound?

Post by jestermgee » Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:09 pm

It's not nice but it depends what the signal is causing the popping and how vicious it moves the basket. Remember if you are pushing out large levels of bass that will be putting more stress on your amp and drivers than a single 1/2 second pop.

Watch your bass driver when you do it. If it appears to really be pushed to an extreme and hang there for a little then you possibly have a large DC level pushing the driver and holding it which is not good for a driver. If it appears to not even move you should be ok but as many have already said the more care you take the longer things will last.

Tarekith's idea may not be an option for most of us but the principal is pretty easy to accomplish. Simply you could source a power board that has an external switch (like a foot switch) which you could use to power on your monitors last and then switch them off first. If you know a little about electronics you could build a simple timer delay switching system that could allow power to be applied and removed in a specific order.

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