-18db digital = 0db analog

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Re: -18db digital = 0db analog

Post by ze2be » Sat Jan 18, 2014 2:25 pm

Ive been using -8db "in the box" for years. And im considering now to change my template system to -12db or -18db, because I have started to use plugs that works well with it. Console emus etc. But digital is digital yes, it doesnt matter that much theoreticly, exept some plugs that have low sweetspots, and some that might distort at higher levels. But usually its fine.

The main reason im doing it is that it is easier and faster to mix down a project if all levels are set within a nicely alligned grid and with good headroom. I dont have to adjust all the tracks before a render, everything is ready to go. I know I got headroom. Also your volume dependent plugin presets from compressors, limiters, distortion fx, tape emus, console emus, and other similare effects will translate better from project to project without needing much adjustments. The workflow gets faster.

It is also a good practice, to get a relative perspective of your music in different volumes. To get a better feel of your RMS and dynamic range. When you use a grid like that its easier to get a grasp of the dynamic range. You will quicker start to get a sence of the perfect balance between things like kick, bass, snare etc. As you get used to your grid, it gets easier to mix every new project. Hans Zimmer havent touched his amp volume fader for years. His speakers are always at the same volume. Its a very good reason for that. He needs his dynamic range to translate perfect to tvs, cinemas, and so on. With his big ass clients he simply cant fuck up. Just by pushing the amp volume up or down the human ear can easily be decived. Louder always sound better, etc. Its in its nature of the ear and the way it translates to the brain. This is one of the reasons why all big ass producers do proper gain staging.

Im sure our local guru Tarekith can add more to this.

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Re: -18db digital = 0db analog

Post by invol » Sun Jan 19, 2014 7:40 am

Sage wrote:
I hate this often quoted thread as while it is useful for people who were moving to ITB digital from analogue hardware, it confuses things for people who have never worked with analogue hardware and only ever worked ITB.

-18dBFS is just a reference for people who are more used to working with 0dBU.
Yes, that is a great article on the topic. Good share..

Just remember that 0 VU has no absolute value beyond what it has been calibrated to, e.g, 0 dBu, +4 dBu, etc... It's easy to mix up one zero with another : )
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Re: -18db digital = 0db analog

Post by madlab » Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:40 pm

Dean Corrie wrote:Hello,
All to do with dBFS, dBu, dBv, dBV etc.
Google is your friend.
Dean is right, you should definitly search informations about these...
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