Question about learning Music Theory and Performance

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Re: Question about learning Music Theory and Performance

Post by DM1000 » Sat Mar 24, 2012 4:20 pm

Do u live in the Toronto area?
I'm a keyboardist/ producer who works with synths and ableton all day and tour with it to make a living. Also classically trained with my grade 8 certificate and grade 2 theory rudiments. Its greatly given me an advantage in my music making.
I can teach you if you are interested. I help my dj friends and musicians all the time.

you can send me an email to if you're interested

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Re: Question about learning Music Theory and Performance

Post by Cymatic Kicks » Mon Mar 26, 2012 5:11 pm

Check the site in my signature for theory. I constantly found myself sharing the basics, so I made a website about it. The website was a pain to maintain, so I put all the info on a blog (the one in my signature).

Just click on theory, and start with the oldest post. It goes from the building blocks of chords to how scales are made, and more.

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Re: Question about learning Music Theory and Performance

Post by drumrak » Tue Mar 27, 2012 7:42 pm

If you thoroughly understand theory and can play a keyboard, you can more or less play any instrument(fretted/keyed not brass or woodwinds) with a little bit of practice.

Theory is the most important part of producing music on a computer. You dont have to have to best chops because you can bang out what you need and fix it with the midi editor or audio editor, but if you dont even know what notes to put there in the first place you cant edit that.

I vote keys with theory as the most important skills for an EDM style producer. You must practice the keys along with theory or it wont stick or you wont understand how to apply it properly.

I took lessons for about a year from my local music school and did another year of keyboard studies at university. I learned A SHITLOAD and it taught me how to play other instruments because i understand how they all work now.

Reading music is important but understand shorthand chords and how to stay in keys and the degrees within a scale are really important and apply to every instrument, but IMO are easiest to learn on a piano. They will be easier to play on a guitar, but i feel like guitars obscure the theory a bit and guitarists are really bad about not understanding what they are playing exactly and its more difficult to translate that into playing a piano, which obviously the piano is how you get midi into ableton.

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