While Ableton..........Moldover goes Traktor (video)

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Re: While Ableton..........Moldover goes Traktor (video)

Post by rsaulo » Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:41 pm

Linear Phase wrote:You know.. I was thinking about Moldover (stupid name) this morning. Cause is this is the first of heard of Moldover (stupid name). Here are my thoughts...

1. He probably doesn't need Ableton. (he can't produce.)
2. He probably needs traktor. (traktor does automatic beat matching. and if this Moldover (stupid name) can actually spin vinyl, I'd be surprised.
3. My third thought was specifically about sex. Does a guy who looks, and dresses, and dj's like this, blip and pop, during sex? I'm just wondering.. He probably sounds like a chip in bed.. Not, that I'd ever want to find out... but I'm assuming, whoever he is sleeping with, is hearing phasy blips and pops... I thought of that, drinking my morning red bull.

Anyways, good luck to him.

( and by the way... guitar tricks, and horrible sampling, and poor crossfading does not make for good music. )
^^^^ this

I think that "stupid name" guy so arrogant, that makes his skills looks poor....

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Re: While Ableton..........Moldover goes Traktor (video)

Post by Rabalder » Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:11 am

..........Moldover goes Traktor


How can we undo this tragedy?

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