padkontrol issue with drumrack but not other instruments?

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Re: padkontrol issue with drumrack but not other instruments?

Post by Logan.mccallum » Thu Mar 27, 2014 1:02 am

Sorry about the incredibly late response. In case it's not too late, go into preferences or press CTRL/CMD , and go into MIDI preferences. There's two major sections and the top one lets you select your control surfaces. If you want to make your own custom mappings (or in this case avoid strange communication errors) don't select PadKontrol as a control surface but DO set padkontrol port A for a Midi in and as a Midi out. If you're using actual midi cables and an interface select the padkontrol midi in. It should make sense when you get to the screen. The other issue with PadKontrols of course, and this is not uncommon with Midi hardware and VST software, is that it sends notes one octave off. I'm not sure if it's higher or lower, but you have to use a Midi pitch effect to set the input of the PadKontrol one octave higher or lower BEFORE whatever it is you're controlling.

Yeah, screen shots are probably going to be necessary. I'll be a little more quick this time around though.

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