WAV to midi.

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Re: WAV to midi.

Post by Poibles » Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:47 am

nuxnamon wrote:
doghouse wrote:
chapelier fou wrote:Anyway, have a look to Melodyne.
This does indeed work. It's a multi-step process but I have done it successfully.
good on monophonic stuff... simple chords will work also.. but really it just depends on how good and clear the original material is.. like if the instrument is solo'd , then you have a better chance of getting the correct midi.. if your trying to lift the midi from audio with kicks, snares, etc in the back ground, you'll have less success..
Like I said, its for little ditties and such. The music I'd like to make is mainly beat orientated (experimental hip hop I guess, Teebs and Flying Lotus is a good example) and half their stuff is a big mess that just kinda works in my ears. To be able to humm a tune in my phone for now and use ableton to correct it into something that works is a godsend for me bearing in mind I have hardly any keys and absolutely no knowledge of writing melodies. I have a good ear for nice sounds but am in very early stages of interpreting them. This is a massive boost for me so thanks again.

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