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Trigger Arrangement Loop with ClyphX

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:50 pm
by ckluxen
Is there a way to trigger the Arrangement Loop by ClyphX?

It`s the way I`m working.
By now I trigger a locator to start my recordings in arrange. The problem is I have to move the Arrangement Loop as I duplicate the whole thing and have to move the Locator to the new position. Theres no way to move the Locator with ClyphX, but the Arrangement Loop can be moved.

ClyphX starts from the Locator, Record arrange, unarm track, Punch in/out etc.
I hope theres a way to start from the Arrangement Loop without moving the Locator.

The only way is to start from 1.1.1, but thats not so easy to sequence.