Waves Native Power Pack. Worth 120 euro?

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Waves Native Power Pack. Worth 120 euro?

Post by condra » Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:20 am

Apparently Waves Power Pack is now half price.

I always assumed their products were extremely expensive, but this seems pretty reasonable no?

Does anyone have experience using these plugins?
I never remember what does what because of the cryptic names used, but I believe Waves stuff is pretty well respected?

IR-L convolution reverb looks very interesting, though I would rather just buy it on its own.

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Re: Waves Native Power Pack. Worth 120 euro?

Post by McQ714 » Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:40 am

I started off with Waves NPP and then moved on to Gold and now Platinum. I would eventually like to have Diamond. Not that NPP was lacking for essentials, I just wanted some of the processors the other bundles offered. When you break it down, sure the single plugins are a bit expensive, but no more so than those of other respected developers. And when you consider the cost of the bundles on a per plugin cost, their prices are considerably lower than most. They are also very stable and pretty light on the CPU.

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Re: Waves Native Power Pack. Worth 120 euro?

Post by condra » Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:18 pm

Being a Live user, I have no convolution reverb, and being an OSX user, I have considerably less options for third party convolution reverbs.

So the IR-L Reverb alone would have fairly serious pulling power for me. It does sound great too.

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Re: Waves Native Power Pack. Worth 120 euro?

Post by darkenedsoul » Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:59 pm

In regards to IR - Convolution, what about the old S.I.R 1.0.0.x which may still be found online then buy some IRs as I did to use in it? Or pay for the 2.x release that may still be purchasable. Then theirs IR in Kontakt and other resources for it either free or buy-able. I don't know much about Waves but also don't see need/have coin to toss around for more plugins at this time.
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Re: Waves Native Power Pack. Worth 120 euro?

Post by 3dot... » Sat Oct 13, 2012 9:08 am

ShelLuser wrote:When looking at the prices those Waves guys charge (see overview here) I'd definitely try to use some kind of demo before you buy.

I don't speak from experience with Waves themselves, but to me they give out the impression to charge (too) hefty prices which possibly leaves people who aren't happy a bit silent (or unwilling to share that they actually spend xxx amount on a bit of a gamble).

But I think as much because of some of their products... E 5800,- for a VST effects suite? That's plain out ludicrous.

E 600,- for a VST which should somewhat resemble the individual parts (dynamics, EQ, filter and master bus compressor) of a SSL 4000 mixer? Esp. the part where they stress out that its developed under the license of Solid State Logic strikes me as more marketing than quality control (ask yourself: what do you need to get a license for that?).

Reason 6 has a mixer section which is (quote): "Modeled after the SSL 9000k" (see here). Yet you can get this setup (and the rest of a whole DAW) for the price of a single Waves VST.

With all that said I'd definitely try and demo that stuff before you buy. Also because the collection looks nice and all, there are plenty of other dynamic plugins available out there. Some even free.
well... if you'd asked me a while ago.. I would say save your money..
but since lately becoming a Waves user myself... (used them at various studios but not at home)
I have to say that I'm really glad I have their tools now...
and that I get much satisfaction when using their tools...so much so that they've become my "go to" for almost everything
Waves plugins sound excellent imho... solid....precise and consistent (the SSL series is one of the better hw emulations ever btw...containing 2 channel strips an eq and the bus compressor)
They used to be very expensive bitd...way out of my range..
but I think 2 years ago they dropped prices... plus they had a 50% on Christmas so I jumped in.
if you look closely... you'll notice that today their bundles are very competitively priced

if you don't use a ProToolsHD DSP system that is.. then the 'Mercury' bundle containing all of their products is 3200$
this contains well over 130 plugins...
pricing each plugin at around 20$ ..and you get stuff added to your bundle on a regular basis...
(I don't know of anyone that REALLY needs that amount of fx... but some people think it's nice to have)
the Gold bundle is 600$ divided by 32 plugins makes it around 20$ per plugin.
very competitive.... because these are very good processors
this place always has the best prices afaik : http://www.wavesuniverse.com/membership ... s-bundles/

my waves plugin priorities are as follows : Renaissance series... Studio Classics Series... L series... C series.... H series ...TransX
and I love their old modulation plugins such as Enigma... MetaFlanger...MondoMod... Doppler etc.
and I think their noise removal plugins are excellent too.

it's a shame sidechaining isn't supported outside VST3 hosting DAWs...

and definitly demo before you buy.. that's good advice for anything really...

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