Live 9 with no improvement in the GUI of the arrangeview

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Live 9 with no improvement in the GUI of the arrangeview

Post by violetpow1 » Sat Oct 27, 2012 10:26 am

Everybody of my friends and me who is using Live 8 complaining about the complexity and the no separation of the tracks in the arrangeview. At the end of the day you using more energy to see what clip is in which track, where are the send tracks, in which bar i am when i´m zooming closely as to think about music.
This is rediculous....

Why not :
- full coloured clips when the track is unfolded
- more reserved bar lines in the background
- differentiation in the font size between full bar or quarter notes and other notes
- better separation between send tracks and audio/Midi tracks

What i see in the videos is in therm of userinterface no improvement and i have no reason to buy it.

The Audio to Midi tricks are for me not a remix tool, as a tool unlearn musical basic skills.

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Re: Live 9 with no improvement in the GUI of the arrangeview

Post by simpli.cissimus » Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:51 am

...totally agree..., even if I like the audio2midi as a nice way to express quick ideas out of the head.
This will be used by none musicians as excuse to stay musically uneducated...

Regards arrangement view, I am very disappointed and that is not the end of it.
Looking at the price and what you get, it's more a slap in the face for all
who gone all these years through the hassle of an unstable Live 8.

Cause the code for sure is rewritten, there will be no better Live 8,
so you're forced to pay for a better software that you're promised to have with Live 8.
No excuse, no sorry, just pay or shut up...

But, who guarantees that Live 9 will be better...? No one...
It has not much new, but cost a lot...
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No! I'll never use the Push-App Live 9 !!!

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Re: Live 9 with no improvement in the GUI of the arrangeview

Post by locojohn » Sat Oct 27, 2012 1:39 pm

I feel your pain. I truly agree that Ableton should have put effort into arrangement improvements. However, we still haven't seen a good demo on arrangement workflow in Live 9 yet. Hopefully, a new video demonstrating new arrangement features will appear soon. :)

For now I too think that the number of improvements developed in such a long time is so far very small. I only hope they only mentioned major improvements, and that there will be more covering all the new features under the hood. Perhaps, there will even be more improvements made before the release date.

I will upgrade to Live 9 Suite because recording automation to session and bezier curves and Max for Live justify it for me. But so far, these are all the features that I know that are interesting to me..... :(

Unfortunately, there is no news so far about:

- quick fold/unfold tracks in the arrangement view for quicker access (helps to reduce mixing tine when there are many tracks)
- faster rendering to disk (multicore support?)
- built in sample-accurate editor with destructive sample editing (ah!)
- easier in-place track zooming without moving mouse on top to that bar
- play unwarped samples at any position in time
- preview any samples at any position in time (in Live 8 it previews only in the beginning)
- fade envelopes also use bezier curves?
- multiple display support


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