Sound packs update question

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Sound packs update question

Post by Hypomixolydian » Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:51 pm


I am a bit confused. I wish to upgrade to Live 8 (I still use version 6) and seeing that I will get a free update to Live 9, I may as well take advantage of the offer.
In the shop I see the boxed version is slightly more expensive and includes 15 GB of sounds whereas the download version has 2GB. But are those 15GB of sounds available to me anyway via my packs within my account, or are they only available if I buy the boxed version?

I have decided to just upgrade to Standard rather than Suite. I already have Sampler and Operator and I already own most of the AAS (Applied Acoustics) stuff. As far as I can make out, I will lose out on not having Max For Live with the Suite, which would be nice to have I guess, but I use Reaktor (plus Native Instruments Komplete Bundle) and so have enough sound tools to keep me going.

One final question. Should I uninstall version 6 before/after installing version 8?


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Re: Sound packs update question

Post by artpunk » Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:44 am

If you choose to upgrade to Suite, when 9 comes out you would have access to everything that was traditionally available in the boxed version (apart from a printed manual & stickers) - as you have enough sounds for your needs and are happy to upgrade to Standard, this is probably a moot point unless you can see yourself needing M4L at some stage in the future, or some of those extra sounds. Then you would no doubt be able to purchase them as extra licenses when/if needed.
AFAIK you shouldn't need to uninstall vers 6 before installing 8. (Of course you may wish to to free up disc space, but if you ever think you may want to use 6 instead of 8, keep it)

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