Live 9 Skin for Live 8?

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Re: Live 9 Skin for Live 8?

Post by chris.m.j.cooper » Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:03 am

Hey Guys,

Hey guys. after discovering this wonderful new LMA Blue Monster skin for Ableton, and finding that I'm loving it, I came across something bugging me, so It's had me investigating. I had a play with the skin for a few days, but discovered there was a flaw, when you click and highlight a section of the timeline, for example; before consolidating or selecting as a loop region, it was highlighting the same colour as the selected track, so you couldn't see what you are selecting. I found some editing software and have made a altered version of the patch, so this one I would argue, is an improvement by a measure of one change, so I'm not wanting to take anything away from the developer, it's a great patch, and isn't my doing, I just found that arrangement of colour was bugging me on the highlighting feature that's all. If you want to tweak your own patches check out this and download, you can import any skin you have and edit, or create brand new ones easy! Just be sure after you save the file to include the extension .ask on your skin name. Happy tweaking! This is the link for my editied version of the patch, plus the link for the edit software!

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