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Mackie Control/Midi/Profire 2626 - Not locking up

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 7:29 pm
by analogcabin

I have been using a Mackie Control for years with out any problems, and I just upgraded to a M-Audio Profire 2626. Oddly, the faders at startup into Live are not matching what is on screen.

If I go into preferences>midi/sync> and switch off & on the track, sync or remote options for In or Out, the faders snap into place.

I have it set to None (in the takeover mode).

I have chosen Mackie Control in control surfaces and Profire 2626 for the In & Out (It doesen't offer a port option)

The Mackie works prfectly in Adobe Audition & Reaper, but Live is my main 99% of the time DAW.

Any thoughts?