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 Post subject: Automation MKorg XL S.Editor thrgh Ableton IAC driver
PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:29 pm 

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My problem is, I can send midi from ableton through external instrument to the Microkorg XL, and record the sound through my souncard to ableton,but i can't receive midi message like arpegiator or filter cutoff. I thought i will be able to record it and to automate it later on,through ableton by the automation parameters,but apparently not.
Nor can you do it with the korg interface (it's still a beautiful piece of hardware and software, but i believe i should have gone for the novation ultranova, that i've tried lately in the shop, for my purpose).

So I forgot about automation, but still thought of maybe recording maybe midi message (live) in ableton if there is a way for the arpegiator (at least so i can retouch the partition after record) and maybe the filter cutoff.
Now I am thinking about the IAC driver but never used it ( if someone is a bit more novice about the matter and possibilities of the IAC, please help ) to to maybe record live the midi message (live) sent by the MKXL through the IAC driver , is that tangible, or maybe is it too much hassle for nothing.
Or either by 'midi setup' or 'midi patchbay' to the microkorg sound editor, to send information between the editor and ableton, a bit like the way you will do with a VST or AU in ableton!
As well if you a MicroKorg XL user with ableton , how do you connect it through midi interface or midi soundcard, and wich one do find more useful (cpu consuming-like and etc...), as there is not only one way to connect it to your computer and i got sometimes clipping or the software slowing down, maybe I need to configure the entry of the recording parameter lower from 24hertz to 16 or somethingon my soundcard or somewhere in ableton preference ?

Anyway , already , big thank you for taking your time to read this post, I am a real newbie so I can imagine I certainely go the hard way ,when it is certainly simpler.

All sugestions welcomed! ;D

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