Two sets of monitor speakers -- "cheap" way to switch

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Re: Two sets of monitor speakers -- "cheap" way to switch

Post by 2pauluzz2 » Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:49 am

Could you provide me with an example of such a simple passive switch box with decent switches please?

I am equally wary of negatively affecting my sound as I am of pointless audiophile reasoning. Eg in the sos article the reviewer tested with speakers worth E 4500,- and did not notice a difference with and without the m-patch. That's good enough for me. On the other hand I'm careful because I'm aware of the marketing/commercial aspects that are behind such reviews.

As I do not need the volume knob and headphone amp per se, I am curious about what simple passive switch boxes with decent switches you are reffering to.


A quick search returned Coleman Audio LS3, Hosa SLW333 and Pro Co Switch Witch, but also the m-patch. Looks like they both get good reviews.. the Hosa is only 50 gbp: ... 7675.l2557

I prefer the Coleman as the reviews are all positive and it could serve as input device as well. The Hosa looks nicer with the big knob and I like the fact that it can lay down on my desk surface.
"Paul" is fine too.

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