Song sounds perfect in ableton but exported it sounds bad ):

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Re: Song sounds perfect in ableton but exported it sounds bad ):

Post by maky355 » Tue May 07, 2019 3:48 pm

This thread is full of serious like really serious completely wrong information. I don't know cause of OP issue. I never heard for this. It can be something so trivial as having enabled Acoustic Effects in operating system itself so when he is listening his audio file it is sounding bad/different because it's been processed on playback. I know some Realtek onboard audio cards and their lame software enable some Virtual acoustic FX. But in any way:

- No your soundcard driver doesn't render your audio. Your DAW does that. Live in this case. I can assure you that. Changing from ASIO4ALL to another type of ASIO or whatever will not solve your problems (if there is really a problem).
- Changin or ticking "Normalize" on export most DEFINITELY won't solve your problem. Actually don't do it. You say you know Mastering so i don't have to explain you why you do not enable that option. Especially if you used compression or limiter on your Master channel.
- Switching your computer from one version to Apple also won't solve your issue. In fact it may be so if you have wrong audio set up on Windows but that's your fault not Windows fault.
- switching bit depth also should not yield any drastically different audible result.
- and yes ASIO4ALL is most definitely ASIO driver no matter what some users here proposed about it. And it's a good one if your audio card vendor doesn't have a proper one (it can happen). Not only it's adequate but it can daisy chain two audio cards like on Mac computers.

Basically your export settings are fine.

I propose this.

Add simple kick from Ableton Live default library. Any. Add 4 notes (for the floor pattern) and 8 bars long. Save that project. Upload it here. So we all can open it.

In the meantime Export your audio file from that VERY same project. It should be really small size. Upload it here. Only THEN we can compare and tell you does your ableton really export something different then it should be.

On top of that report us - does that very same 8 bar session also sounds different when exported then in Ableton playback?


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