What is so special about Live?

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Re: What is so special about Live?

Post by shlomo » Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:15 am

"What is so special about Live?"

you are....

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Re: What is so special about Live?

Post by crumhorn » Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:38 am

Sometimes in old docs about music concrete or the BBC radiophonic workshop you see people working on tape decks with lots of little snippets of tape all labelled and hung up around their workstation on improvised racks.

To me Session View is the modern equivalent of that.
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Re: What is so special about Live?

Post by re:dream » Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:54 am

Well there are, what were they called again, Devices in Reason. Or combinators or something. They had some of the routing possibilities that we will now have with M4L in live. But they were a real hassle to set up.

I've worked in Reason, Cubase, Live. For me there is no comparison; for intuitive interfaces and bringing back the pleasure and fun in making music, Live has few equals.

It will be interesting to check out BitWait when it comes out. 8)

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Re: What is so special about Live?

Post by littlepig » Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:04 pm

Its' got the best forum :D

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Re: What is so special about Live?

Post by pablorotter » Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:15 pm

Well I would say this is a stupid question live has a unique workflow when my compositions are done I can mix and master
or I can bring them on stage with controllers and rock a party.

This 9 upgrade upset me so much. First of all, to get the 40GB content I had to spend $700 on new packs.

I had live 8 suite, a huge library, eic-2, to replace that with 9 cost me over $1,000, before PUSH.

This is ridiculous.

And the either or with the 32-bit/64 is totally BS. I'm going back to cubase. I can have both versions, I need about 15 VSTs
loaded to compose. Then I can render down and work in 32 bit. But Ableton forces me to do one or the other.

They don't integrate the 8 library, they don't give EIC users or 8 suite users incentive to buy the new packs and are REDUNDANT with live 8s library, just a little better quality.

This is the biggest scam of a DAW upgrae in history.

Unfortunately it is the most intuitive DAW for me to compose in. Having to stay in 32 bit mode in 2013 is just ridiculous.

They use should have played out free 8.x upgrades until they got this right.

I'm finally going to crack that cubase book.

I think Ableton has treated loyal users (i've got two licenses just for the easy of getting too 8) like jerks and I couldn't recommend
anybody getting into this product without buying a cheap older version and waiting for them to get a fully 64/32bit version running where you don't have to spend over $1,000 to get the basic library of sounds.

Its just BS. I own EIC-2, they have no discount to replace the strings, piano, etc.

Most DAWs come with many soft synths and huge libraries.

I love the concept but as a company you are treating people like crap in this down economy.

I love live, I love it, but I had to max out my cards and might loose my truck or not be able to eat to perform the upgrade.

That doesn't seem right.

Wish I had a MAC I would pirate all your shit to death. I don't believe in piracy but Ableton deserves it.

IMHO, screwed every way but sunday by ableton.

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Re: What is so special about Live?

Post by david.barker » Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:45 pm

I've used Reason for 4 years and decided to add Live 8 ,(and then after a while upgraded to the Suite version), after seeing some demos,etc :D

The very first thing that grabbed my attention,is how easy it is to get an idea up and running.No messing around working out audio routing (as sometimes in Reason,you can get bogged down and very frustrated.Meaning the enjoyment of making music,is lost :cry: )

The whole one screen layout take some getting used to initially,but you soon feel at home,everything is to hand and ,as I discovered ,side chaining, Rewire,to Reason,etc,etc so damn easy to set up :lol:

Please don't get me started on warping,or the new live 9 features, and sounds ,ha,ha :D

.Its a thumbs up from me ( as a new -ish user) despite the launch day problems that occurred!

One very happy chap :D

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Re: What is so special about Live?

Post by ShelLuser » Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:07 pm

rap masta rj wrote:My question is, would it be worth it to upgrade to Live 9 when i'm mostly working in arrangement, or would i benefit more from a different DAW?
That one is IMO very difficult to answer.

I think an upgrade to Live 9 has several advantages. For starters some of the new effects such as the Glue compressor. IMO a small but priceless enhancement. Its too early as of yet but I'm >< close to give in to my temptation and put this onto the Master track inside my default template (so that it'll be there whenever I start a new project).

As well as several other aspects; if you got a download of Live 8 you can now enjoy new contents which previously was only available with the box (the EIC2 livepacks for example). IMO upgrading has several advantages and I think, even if you do use Arrangement most of the time, you'll still benefit from the Live specifics (racks for starters, then all the other Live presets and effects).

But here's another approach; why not use or try another DAW besides Live ?

I've been using Reason almost as long as I've been using Live, and right now Reason is as much as a DAW as Live is (it can now record sound, its mixer section blows everything else out of the water IMVHO, has a sequencer (arrangement view) and completely different instruments & effects). Yet I never had the intention to replace one with the other; even though I have been using Reason a lot more in a stand alone fashion as of late.

For me the "Reason workflow" completes and enhances my "Live workflow", so I keep both together.

Maybe that could also be something for you to consider? Instead of thinking about switching DAW's, why not consider expanding your setup with another DAW (or maybe only a sequencer like, for example, Reaper) and then using both together.
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Re: What is so special about Live?

Post by re:dream » Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:42 pm

pablorotter wrote:
Unfortunately it is the most intuitive DAW for me to compose in.
Yes, that totally sucks, doesn't it.

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