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 Post subject: Re: Advanced midi editing in live 9
PostPosted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:00 pm 

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The JackProject wrote:
Posted this in the live community but without sucess. maybe there are some users here that can help:

Hey guys longtime logic user here. Just did the switch to Live 9 suite. I have a lot of HW-Synths so i work a lot with midi.

First: Are there any in-depth midi tutorials covering live 9?

Okay and here a few specific questions:

1) Is there Input-quatisation with q-swing?

2) Are there advanced quantisation option? Like q-strength, q-flam (this is so important for quantized chords) or q-range?

3) Are there midi-note transformation settings? Like e.g. a shortcut that makes all note same length that opens a transform-menu or something? This is nice with baselines where the notelength is very important for the groove. Is there a fast way to do it?? I dont want to paint them all in and manually set the length. I want to record something, then if i dont like it select all notes and transform all notes of the played sequence to the same length. After that i may want to transform to legato and adjust the gaps between the notes manually. Are there any workarounds for that? I have suite 9 so max4live is avalible.

4) Is the Envelope tap something like the hypereditor in logic? Is it true that i can delete midi-cc-date in there or delete aftertouch if i dont like it??

5) Is there a note-overlap correction shortcut?

6) Is there a function where i can split a midi-region that plays a polyphonic chord in the means that i creates new midi-regions for each note of the chord?? Like separate midi-event by note pitch.

7) Is there something like the event-list in logic? This shows all note of the active midiregion in a row with position, type of midi-information (note or cc-data), channel, note-value, velocity and lenght + exact position in the grid. The selected notes are highlighted. When the sequence is played, the actual played notes gets highlighted. You can also sort the notes by any term in the row. Lets say you want to quickly find the longest note. then you sort by length. This feat. is very powerful and i would love to have it in live. Maybe there is a m4l device for that.

8) Are there advanced randomizer/transformer options for midi-events? Lets say you select all note of the sequence and want to transform there velocity. But you dont want them all have the same vel-value. Is it possible to define a vel-range and automatically set a random vel-value within that range?? This is nice to have some control and in the same time a bit human feel.

And last but not least: Maybe there are some ex-logic users here and can share some midi-tricks live9 can do but logic cant or some special tips and tricks.

THX a lot guys!

Cheers TJP

I'm in the same boat as you man. Hard core Logic 9 power-user turning to Ableton because I love its intuitive, inspiring nature, but once you get past the surface, there isn't a lot of depth in terms of power-user options. I find it hugely disappointing that I can't perform such basic tasks as fixing the note length when midi editing. The lack of hot keys and reliance on constant mouse clicking is also no bueno for someone recovering from tendonitis in the hands from too much editing. Boo.

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