Manual? Options menu....monitoring..delay compensation.

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Manual? Options menu....monitoring..delay compensation.

Post by pablorotter » Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:25 am

Why hasn't live provided a manual at the least explaining in screenshots what the new options do? I saw you can buy one.

for example they have the same old latency compensation test but don't explain how the new options

delay compensation
reduce latency when monitoring

Effect the issue that is the subject of the lesson.

Excited to find my RME FF800 needs no compensation adjustment at 64 buffers.

One thing live has always done... I'm not sure if its just visual but in the track view you can see it clearly during the test..the first part of the sign wave is truncated, then the rest is synced up perfectly.

But when you double click the recorded track its a perfect sign wave. Super weird. I always thought it was a recording problem so have been using a four bar count in buffer.

Sorry this post covers more than one thing....the new ableton help site is manual? no clickable session view with help bubbles?

I know I'm behind you early adopters please share with a brother!

I've always dealt with monitoring easily by direct monitoring than sending reverb from a channel with volume all the way down so the latency heard is just the reverb...which is latency. I'm surprised at all these help posts on this topic.

I just want to know what the menu items under options means and if anybody understands this problem I have always had with truncates the first part of a sign wave recorded in the track view.

The only latency options I have is sometimes when I record a midi or vst loop to audio the first bar comes in late so I have to record two times through and use the second playing.

This has been happening since live 7 or so....not really latency. I only notice it when coming from precise midi.

Thanks for anybody who chimes in here....I tried searching but you know this search engine....I couldn't find anything after halloween last year.

Thanks again,


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