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Re: PUSH........WHEN?????

Post by locojohn » Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:14 am

Guillermo Barrancos wrote:
sowhoso wrote:no controller that doesn't have a display is a serious alternative to Push
Push might have a display, it is still too Limited and lacking important features. So you still end up using the computer screen and mouse.
Only with Maschine you can trully work solely from the hardware.
Now please kindly be responsible for what you are saying and provide valuable details. Which important features Push is lacking? What exactly makes you use computer screen and mouse when using Push?

I am not a Push fanboy, I want to focus on the subject, rather than reading statements that can be interpreted in many ways.

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Re: PUSH........WHEN?????

Post by Terminal55 » Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:26 pm

Wow.. last post here was 4th July, so you'd expect everyone would have their Push's by now and we'd all have quit whining right...?

Not me.. :-(

So my Push arrived in Hong Kong at the beginning of August (bearing in mind I ordered in March), but somehow my address was not complete on the package and Hong Kong post could not deliver it. I was able to see it get so so close via the online DHL tracking, so I called Hong Kong post but they said the only people that could provide the correct address was the sender.

Emailed Ableton who blamed some 3rd party involved in the despatch and told me to contact DHL. DHL told me to contact HK post. You can see where this is going...especially considering it takes approx 2 days for an email to either Ableton or DHL to get a response. So in the end HK Post sent it back to Germany :-(

So i'm still waiting. Almost 6 months after placing the order i still have no Push.

I'm so pissed off. I've confirmed the address i provided was correct and Ableton acknowledge this; it was a screw up during the despatch process. What's super irritating is that while the Ableton support people are cordial and friendly and slightly apologetic, my situation doesn't seem to register as a higher urgency issue - I think i should get some serious love & care from ableton because of all this, but it just seems like another issue to them.

I mean, surely they could next day deliver one.. it can't be that heavy can it? I once sent 2 technics turntables and my mixer from UK to Hong Kong (HEAVY as i'm sure many here know) in 3 days via UPS, for approx 200 pounds. Surely the same for a Push could cost no more than 20 - 30 euros?

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