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Post by Blendton » Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:22 am

No time to waste, music and audio production equals NOT TROLLING ON CHANGES !

While crying like childs because your luxury music videogame changed and it provoked all your complaints which prove that 1/ you even don't know how a host for Daws (I mean an OS) works, and even reproduce the same troll-fashion to complain >>>> just ONE exemple, the indexer, finally, it was mandatory, do with it, I already knew all what you encounter as "bugs" where I see obvious "consequences" and manners to solve them as logic is still there to avoid transforming what was a "community" in a sandbox for I even don't know what you do here, and me too...


Thanks to Ableton for this really good and pleasing upgrade, sorry your customers were in fact just ... customers...

BTW, how does your day sound ? How long forced to endure what I link to the iOS Vs. Android users war, pfff, we aren't supposed to "discuss" in the wind but to make music , so please, enjey it, it's a f***ing good product, that's it, it helps making music more enjoying than the robust 8, for your little "bugs" you should have foreseen, please do it, taking Cubase 7 and crying but in real lol, I'm sure you won't troll them moreover, if you realise YOU are not competent, how dare you talk to even not directly, to Ableton makers ?

Shame on you, happy to be convinced impostors hare even here,

Warm Regards,


All answer excepting from the staff is useless : I won't come back on the topic which is ONE WAY directed. Let's return to work.
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