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Re: Convolution Reverb

Post by astartes72 » Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:49 pm

Seems that it is a Problem with the AMD Archietcture. All who posted crashes (including me) are using an AMD Chip as far as specs are included in the Posts.
As far as i can follow the crash it seems that M4L trys to take control of the Audiodriver and in that process kills the .dll of the driver. If it´s an ASIO driver Live isn´t responing anymore, if MME ist set as Audiodriver Live i the only ome with this behavoir or can anybody confirm?

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Re: Convolution Reverb

Post by 73* » Tue Mar 26, 2013 5:30 am

Based on my exchanges with Ableton support, it was suggested that my issue has to do with the AMD HydraVision Desktop Manager (which is part of my videocard driver/utilities :? )...

This evening I uninstalled the suggested conflicting software, but it did not make any difference...

:x I'm not too excited at the possibility of having to buying a new one videocard, as the selection of fanless 3 monitor cards is rather slim.

If this helps anyone.

Videocard (which I failed to list earlier) is an AMD Radeon HD6670, with Catalyst Control Center ver 13.1

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Re: Convolution Reverb

Post by astartes72 » Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:00 am

Tested Version 9 on my Laptop (Intel Processor/Graphics Chip) and all works it defintetly seens to have something to to with the AND (Graphics) Architecture...... as i need a seperate Graphic-Card anyway to get rid of my Onboard Graphis i´m going to catch up a Nvidia Card.... i post the result after setting up the new Card

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Re: Convolution Reverb

Post by aminoplacid » Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:08 pm

Got some feedback from support. They confirmed it is an issue with OSX 10.5.8 and that their Max for Live dev team is working on it. No date set though. Can't speak for any Windows users with AMD procs. I recommend opening a support case though and suggesting that it is not just OSX that has the issue. They had recommended updating QuickTime as well but Apple Software Updates already had it up to date (at least as far as 10.5.8 would allow which may be part of it) and it still had issues.
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Re: Convolution Reverb

Post by Valyo » Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:10 pm

Yep, crashing every time when I'm closing the project in which I have it running.
My system is Windows 7, Intel i7 2. something GHz.

Sounds great but ... crashesh Ableton without exception.

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Re: Convolution Reverb

Post by justchris86 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 5:30 pm

no problems with it on my system
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