Proper way to uninstall a Pack in Live 9?

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Proper way to uninstall a Pack in Live 9?

Post by turnstylenyc » Fri Mar 22, 2013 4:41 pm

Hi all,

My understanding is that in Live 8, to uninstall a Pack you were supposed to go to Preferences > Library and uninstall it from there.

But that doesn't seem to exist in Live 9, and I can't find anything about uninstalling Packs in the Live 9 docs.

Is there a proper way to uninstall a Pack in Live 9?

For example, are we now supposed to go to the Live 9 Browser, then Places>Packs, and then right-click the pack I want to uninstall and select Delete? Or is there some other "correct" way to do it?

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Re: Proper way to uninstall a Pack in Live 9?

Post by triant » Fri Mar 22, 2013 5:21 pm

my sense is that going go places > packs, right-clicking, and selecting Delete is the way to properly uninstall a pack. all the pack's content is stored in a package which you can open up and root around in (on a mac, just navigate to the pack file (by default in your Factory Packs directory), right-click the pack in the Finder, and select Show Package Contents - inside you'll find all the samples, preset files, etc., arranged just like how they appear in live's Places section). note that if you change any of the internal directory structure of a pack (e.g. by removing or reorganizing anything inside), it will break the pack and you'll have to delete/reinstall it for live's browser to recognize it again.

i've messed around with my packs quite a bit and haven't found any stray files building up anywhere, so i'm pretty sure that deleting the pack file itself is all you need to do. nice to have such a clean system to work with.

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