What's up with Ableton?

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Re: What's up with Ableton?

Post by fimpson » Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:36 pm

edit: @talk about link to forums on website: oh there is too! I stand corrected.

My lil' rant was mainly based on lurkings of this forum, people complaining etc. Maybe not the best way to form an opinion, but I mean, you don't have to spend much time here to find a good handful of justified and sensible complaints.
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Re: What's up with Ableton?

Post by ShelLuser » Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:36 pm

Even so; I think the OP overlooks a very small detail here when it comes to Ableton becoming "evilish".

Maintaining this forum only costs them money. They need to pay for bandwith, maintenance (at least one employee needs to keep track every now and then), and on top of that risk getting some slack too.

With the change in the forum layout Ableton could just as easily have opted for a more 'moderated' place. You know; the moment I say: "Ableton sucks" I can expect my post to be gone in no longer than a day. Yet that doesn't happen.

I'm also not too enthusiast about the new website, but it works sorta since I did manage to grab my upgrade for Suite 9. As for the rest; I care more about this forum than their website. The forum I visit regularly, not so much the website itself.
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Re: What's up with Ableton?

Post by paradiddle » Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:40 pm

All your bases are belong to us! Ableton worried not so much since cycling 74's ending days. Lots of proaudio testorones in the forum that has been right here in the past.
Many many moons ago, Monolake done the pic for granulator II inside outside live lessons. Very much what I might been probably understood. As I you not may no, Gerhard has lots
of apple has products he bought for changing GUI of live 9. Color not so bright not so dark! However, Christian Kleine though so much of max patcher that he not really not enjoy the
corrections to the patcher of the application max.


Blendton wrote:
fimpson wrote:
login wrote:There are design principles, some of them important inside functionalism and minimalism, if some companies stick to those principles probably their image would end being similar. The trick is to give them some personality.
yeah, that's the problem. Ableton has now basically filled the 'Apple' slot in the digital audio workstation industry, for me anyway - hence loosing a lot of their personality.
OK. Anyone having read something from me close the case buy "insane guy" almost instantly.

But please try to read thus ; I will ask for understanding when you'll grow up or you'll be far away from this place :

Ableton's personnality ? They lack for it ? Ok, Steve Duda / BSOD, Deadmau5, DJ Sasha (the almighty progressive house creator switching from 100% decks + table set to Macs and Ableton Live 5) >>> THEY ARE Ableton's personnality.

Max befriends a "popular" and "for kids" (be objective : make the stuff sorting a note with live is somewhat easier than in Max, where I even don't know how to play a C note ; this is a community far more elitist and ...) that said. >>> Max for Live is an innovation from Ableton and Cycling'74. Initiative coming from Abe's. Probability to launch somewhat ininovative thing in this market in 2009 : very few %. They did it, just like that, "DONE". And it's genious work.

Is you came on C74 forums to say such a "cuckoo" post like "Live and Max have sex then monthes later Max for Live" ... /kickban Blendton forever.

OMG, I was in full cuckoo-ish writing, sorry not having blahh about design, you know, I'm stinking far more than cuckoo's shit in design and imaging topics, and BTW, you are on a music and audio production overall place for discussion.

Please make Ableton be proud for their work because ONE they deserve it and TWO : their personnality could be affected by not even one making a track guy + another and some multiplication of pointless talking and FALSE statements about the quality involved here, as many say, "expensive".

Anyone having been a buyer should be banned from here.

We may play videogames or not, it's your problem, but here, it's talking about a professional working software, expensive if you like, and most important : doing the job perfectly.

Please think before posting shitty text involving "WTF reason to" in order to concludue by a "wise" advice and all the time, music, MUSIC ? WTF YOU CUCKOO BLENDTON ?

>>> It's as always sillly and maybe disturbing to read. Just try to wake up by catching the full of sense post in a headache making looking style.

Warm Regards.

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Re: What's up with Ableton?

Post by Nicknackerski » Tue Apr 09, 2013 1:28 pm

102455 wrote:
Nicknackerski wrote:62349 users
Correction: 62,349 members - i.e. people who've joined the forum at some point. Not necessarily licensed Live users.

There could be 62,329 ghost members, who joined on day one and never post.
The Key word here is 'could' i.e you don't know. There could be 62,329 happy users.

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Re: What's up with Ableton?

Post by XSIMan » Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:53 pm

I think the recoding of Live to 64bit has taken all their time up leaving little time to add what people ask for. 64bit was what most asked for and the Live 8 users got it for free. I'm sure with that out of the way Live 10 will be crammed full of new features.

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Re: What's up with Ableton?

Post by 102455 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:53 pm

Nicknackerski wrote:The Key word here is 'could' i.e you don't know.

....and neither do you! :P
XSIMan wrote:Live 10 will be crammed full of new features.
Live 10? You're a patient man. I expect to see progress in Live 9.1 :D

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Re: What's up with Ableton?

Post by justchris86 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 5:20 pm

lol exactly like apples website?!?!?! LMAO
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