Maschine Expansions.....Also, why Jesus chose Maschine!

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Re: Maschine Expansions.....Also, why Jesus chose Maschine!

Post by jlgrimes » Wed May 15, 2013 12:43 am

mholloway wrote:16 samples per kit really is not very many at all. And half the fun of drums is building your own kits anyway(yep I said it), not playing the pre-packaged kits (and just 16 samples!) that literally everyone else is playing at the same time you are.

Anyway, can't this maschine jizz-fest be taken over to the NI forums??
Actually I find that 16 samples is perfect for an electronic kit. For more live kits you will probably need more or for percussion. And actually you can load a kit into 8 groups giving you 8 pad banks if you wanted. And nothing is stopping you from building your own kits which is easy to do in maschine or Ableton.

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