DJM 900 With Ableton

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DJM 900 With Ableton

Post by Kenfold » Tue May 14, 2013 5:50 pm

Hi everyone,

I have 2x CDJ2000, a DJM 900 nexus and the SDJ/05W monitor speakers. i want to get the sound from Ableton to play through my
DJM 900 and SDJs but i cant figure out how to do this?.

I have set the output setting in Ableton to the DJM 900 but i cant get any audio?.
At the minute all i want to do with the DJM 900 is play back the audio from Ableton as i know it can be set up for midi functions etc.

Any help with this is much appreciated.
(sorry if its a really obvious question, im brand new to Ableton).


Warrior Bob
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Re: DJM 900 With Ableton

Post by Warrior Bob » Wed May 15, 2013 4:58 pm

I think the DJM900 has a USB audio interface built in. This answer assumes it does.

First off, make sure Live is set up right. Audio preferences should show the DJM900 as your audio output device (and possibly input too, not sure). Your master track should be going out to its outputs.

On the mixer itself, there is an input selector above each of the four tracks. I can't make out exactly what the labels say from a quick image search online, but I'm pretty sure one of those is going to be output from the USB interface. Then you'll of course need to make sure your input gain, track faders, and crossfader are set correctly, and that your mixer's main outs are routed to your monitors.

Hope this helps!

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