Anyone used DJM-850 with Live?

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Anyone used DJM-850 with Live?

Post by TrygveS » Wed May 22, 2013 11:21 am

I see the new DJM-850 and other DJ-mixers now feature multichannel sound cards.
Has anyone used this with Live? It would be really cool to route a couple of buses from Live to the mixer via USB, and mix with signals from other grooveboxes etc.
My setup would be:
Ch1 - "Deck A" Live
Ch2 - "Deck B" Live
Ch3 - Octatrack
Ch4 - OP-1

Now thats an awesome live setup!

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Re: Anyone used DJM-850 with Live?

Post by ronmen » Fri Jun 27, 2014 12:56 am

New Year but same question :

Did anybody has alerady got a nice midi mapping for Ableton 9 in combination with the DJM 850 ?

(Haven't found anything yet)

thanks and all the best!!

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Re: Anyone used DJM-850 with Live?

Post by ImNotDedYet » Fri Jun 27, 2014 6:27 am

I've got the 900 Nexus, not the 850 and I use it as my audio interface for monitors only. All my MIDI controllers/instruments get plugged directly into my laptop, so I can't answer for sure.

But, the 900 has an application that gets installed with the drivers that allows you to setup the channel inputs and outputs of the mixer. I'm assuming it's the same with the 850, but can't confirm.

Anyway, you would need your MIDI instruments/controllers to get plugged into the mixer which would require RCA or digital inputs into the channels unless the 850 has other inputs as well, but I know the 900 does NOT have USB or old-school MIDI inputs for the channels. All 4 MIDI outputs from the mixer are controlled via USB and the configuration of the connection utility software.

In general, I'd say using the 850 (if it's like the 900 at all) for a production audio interface won't fit the bill unless you're doing what I'm doing, which is merely using it as an output interface to my monitors and sub.

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