Sample layering vs synth layering

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Sample layering vs synth layering

Post by MajikDragon89 » Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:30 pm

Hello everyone. Just recently I've been delving into the world of sample layering, reading this rather insightful article ( ... rclass.htm) on drum layering, which shed light on the potential of such techniques for giving my sounds that added width and depth they've been lacking. Some synthesizers allow you to key sync their oscillators and manipulate the start position of the waveform through the controllers interface. Having learnt about the technique of nudging your samples enabling you to control their phase cancellations and reinforcements constructively, so they may fit with one another better, i'm left wondering, does this mean that in some cases where a synthesizer does allow you to control oscillator starting position and key sync, that there is no reason to bounce to audio and nudge the samples to fit well with one another? I would also very much like to know if the M/S processing technique described later in the SOS article can be used to any effect with regard to bass lines and such, e.g wrap the central channel of a synthesized bassline with the side channels of a granular one or what ever. any input is much appreciated as always. :D

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Re: Sample layering vs synth layering

Post by re8 » Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:03 pm

Changing "starting position and key sync" is one way to thicken a sound inside a synth. Similar to 'phase' effects.

When you layer, be careful about having the freq ranges step on top of other instruments. Eg, putting 3 base drums on top of each other may step on the bass line & vocal/leads. Also, there is a small chance you can weaken the sound if the layers are too similar, due to phase cancellation.

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