Cannot record line input with Ableton Live Lite 8

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Re: Cannot record line input with Ableton Live Lite 8

Post by jlgrimes » Mon Apr 25, 2016 9:44 pm

jszy wrote:Hi,

I am using Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 as the audio interface, the front panel is working, but I cant get the line input to work.

Plug my guitar (through a preamp), into line input 5, the mixer software (mixcontrol) detects it, I can hear it loud and clear with the monitor headphone, but Ableton Live does not detect any signal no matter which input I chose. (I am using it on Windows 7 by the way.)

Could anyone tell me what the problem is here? Thanks in advance.
Either a bug with Focusrite or Live 8.

Are you using latest drivers and Ableton 8 update?

If so I recommend trying a different DAW and not to worry Reaper can be downloaded and fully tested for free.

If Reaper works then the problem is with Live, if Reaper don't work, the. I suggest calling Focusrite tech support.

Also you can download ASIO4All and run the Focusrite as a shell inside of that driver. If that works, then you could use that until Focusrite comes up with a fix.

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Re: Cannot record line input with Ableton Live Lite 8

Post by bobbyDtal » Mon Jul 22, 2019 4:23 am

If you are using a Mac it could be that you need to set permission to allow the app (Ableton Live..) to access microphone. Here is where you should look System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Microphone then check "Ableton Live X Lite" where X is the current version you are using. Good luck.

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