F@&£Ing volume!!!!

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sensitive caveman
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Re: F@&£Ing volume!!!!

Post by sensitive caveman » Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:07 am


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Re: F@&£Ing volume!!!!

Post by Synthbuilder » Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:54 am

nathannn wrote:...sound on sound seems lacking in any form of comedy.
I know you're talking about the Forums but this, from a review of the Roland Juno-D, made me LOL:
Paul Nagle at SOS wrote:There's even a decent mellotron flute (although the mellotron strings are rather lifeless) and the organs and pianos — especially the electric pianos — are all good enough for an aspiring band on a budget. There's a lot on offer, and I swear I came across Enya at one point, fulfilling an ambition of many years.

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Re: F@&£Ing volume!!!!

Post by Because789 » Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:36 am

3dot... wrote: used to be a place for learning.. but there's nothing more to see here.
no interesting posts. only noobs with rants/silly questions...
nathannn wrote:The noobs, the rediculous questions, no more insightful and educating post from experienced producers
There's another perspective on that. Once you were noobs and came to this forum to learn from the more experienced producers. But now you are the more experienced producers (at least your post counts indicates that) and it seems like you are in the position to ask the really interesting questions.
Although I still profit from quite a few noob questions asked here I'd love to see more threads of guys like you, "insightful and educating" topics which force me to think about ways of using Live which haven't crossed my mind yet.

It's easy to blame noobs asking silly questions, but if people with more experience don't bother to post the really interesting stuff where other more experienced people might jump on the horse to push the bounderies together, they are also to be blamed if a forum goes down. I know how tiring it can be to read and answer a question which has been asked a zillion times. But it's also up to you to bury that shit as soon as possible and get the interesting stuff on top of the board (btw, yes, I blame myself for bringing this annoying thread on top of the board again, but it had to be said :-)).

Don't get me wrong, i know you're sharing your experience, it's nothing personal, it's just the general point that the chance of posting interesting, insightful and educating stuff is usually proportional to the experience of a person in that domain...
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Re: F@&£Ing volume!!!!

Post by 102455 » Wed Jul 24, 2013 11:44 am

Good point Mr 789.

We are in control of our own destiny. Ableton doesn't really moderate here, so it's up to the users to try and keep the content interesting.

Rather than users posting links to articles on their own web sites, write it here!

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Re: F@&£Ing volume!!!!

Post by regretfullySaid » Wed Jul 24, 2013 1:54 pm

Absolutely, except I'm not going to write this here:

http://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonnazar/ ... -dont-get/

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Re: F@&£Ing volume!!!!

Post by re:dream » Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:11 pm

3dot... wrote:

I think there's a bottom line here..
this forum has gone to shit.. there is nothing more to learn here.
only stupid questions with stupid answers.. and you might get insulted while just trying to help.
this is just a sample
Ableton user base is so big now that there are so many noobs and assholes around..
used to be a place for learning.. but there's nothing more to see here.
no interesting posts. only noobs with rants/silly questions...



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Re: F@&£Ing volume!!!!

Post by H20nly » Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:28 pm

3dot... needs a hug.


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