Syncing outboard drum machine midi clock.

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Syncing outboard drum machine midi clock.

Post by bytheriver » Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:12 pm

Hi, need a few pointers...

I have a Korg ER-1 drum machine connected and synced up to live, but its out of time. When I record the audio with a simple 4/4 kick they don't line up to where they should in the audio clip.

I have been playing with the following:

- Midi clock delay in the midi settings for the drum machine connection
- The delay on the track under the fader.
- Using an external instrument and adding delay into the device itself

None of them seem to work. Its a concern since the drum machine is easy to do, but I also have an evlover, JP8080 and nord lead I need to try and sync up, they are less vital since its less obvious if they are a bit out.

So, how should I go about getting them synced properly so when I route the hardware to an audio channel to bounce the clip I get is in time?

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