Using live on stage with acoustic guitar, tips?

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Using live on stage with acoustic guitar, tips?

Post by Levous » Sat Aug 24, 2013 7:58 pm

I refuse to believe that I am a pioneer in this space but I have been unable to find good resources that illustrate how to effectively bring Ableton up front for a solo musician.

My stage PA is a Allen&Heath Zed14 in front of a 450watt/channel power amp pushing a Yamaha SM15 and a JBL floor monitor. I was using a Strawberry Blond but I'm hoping to phase that out. I have Ableton (of course) and Push as well as a McMillan SoftStep. Aplitube provides me with some great electric tone and I'm working to build my acoustic chain as well.

I'd like to run voice and guitar through Ableton. Any 2 channel interface will allow me to do that. Right now I am sending aux from the board but I feel as though it would make more sense to pull the software forward in the chain.

Once again, this is not in the studio, this is in front of an audience at stage volume. I'm restricted to using the guitar piezo and feedback is a concern.

Whose doing this? whether you or someone you can link to. I am looking for some guidance on how to make things simple and effective. I discovered last night that a compressor in Ableton will produce a very manageable signal from acoustic. I was happy with the sound coming out of my PA though I wished for more bass. Obviously, a sub is in my future.

My challenges, right now, are tone and ease of setup. reliability has not yet been a problem, knock on wood.

Any tips or examples are incredibly appreciated, in advance.


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Re: Using live on stage with acoustic guitar, tips?

Post by Sage » Mon Aug 26, 2013 2:03 am

What exactly are you using Ableton for?

Acoustics don't like being distorted and will feedback heavily.

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Re: Using live on stage with acoustic guitar, tips?

Post by AaronYeo » Mon Aug 26, 2013 4:36 am

A piezo pickup will be fine, no worries of feedback there. However, the vocal mic might be a problem, best to keep the preamp low and mush your mouth up to it (bring your own foam cover for hygiene's sake).

I did a similar thing before, running my acoustic and vocals through a zoom H4n as my interface, and a launchpad for recording loops and enabling FX, etc.

Are there any particular problems that you're trying to fix, or just looking for pointers?

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