brush tool and huge simpler/sampler problem

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brush tool and huge simpler/sampler problem

Post by pelsik » Fri Sep 20, 2013 8:28 pm

1) the simpler and sampler doesn't convert samples to the native/Daw sample rate

I recently bought a sample pack but the samples are 48k and the project i was working on is 44.1. the samples worked perfectly when i dropped them into an audio track. but when i tried to use one of the samples in a simpler it wasn't playing at the right sample rate and the audio was playing extremely slow. i tried the sampler and same result.

i looked everywhere for how to fix this but i couldn't find anything. im guessing this has to be a glitch

(if its fixable let me know) if not they need to update and fix this

2) and can we get a brush tool or something like that for transferring clips from sessions view to arrangement view. the current method of "recording" to arrangement view takes way too long and switching between rows is very clumsy and sometimes its easy to mess up on the timing.

and with the introduction of dual screen it almost feels necessary as it will make using the arrangement view and session view together dramatically smoother. you can make changes in the sessions view in one screen and just use the brush tool quickly and easily transfer those changes to the arrangement view

in basic im asking for a tool that lets you copy active clips or rows to from sessions view arrangement view, basically what "recording" those without having to sit there and watch it play through

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