....Nevermind... found my answer

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....Nevermind... found my answer

Post by towers of silence » Sat Sep 28, 2013 4:45 pm

My trusty Presonus FireBox interface no longer reliably works with OS 10.8, so it's time to replace it with something else.
This is strictly for my live performance/traveling laptop, not my main interface so it doesn't need to be feature-packed or have absolutely pristine sound quality, I've got a nice MOTU interface permanently racked in my studio for my main work.

That being said I do have a pretty standard live setup so it does need to have a fairly standard set of features:
-4 analog inputs. More isn't really necessary for my live needs and will just drive the price up
-At least 4 analog outputs
-bus powered
-S/PDIF in/out so I can use it with my Expert Sleepers ES-4 module and control my modular
-firewire would be preferable just so I can keep my USB ports free for my controllers, but I can always get a hub for them, this isn't a sticking point.
-most importantly, it should be reasonably inexpensive since it's going to get beat around

So, based on my incredibly lazy 20 minutes worth of research prior to posting this, it looks like either the Focusrite Pro 14 or Pro 24 might work out well for me, and it seems I can score a used one for under $200. However, I haven't bought a new interface in 3-4 years and I'm not too up on the current options. Would love to keep it to the used market to save some $$ so nothing too current please!

Thanks in advance for your help

Any thoughts or should I just pull the trigger on the Focusrite seeing as how it fits my criteria pretty well

EDIT- just grabbed a Pro 24 for a real good price

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