New PC build-upgrade Live 7 Suite 32 to Live 9 Suite 64 Q's?

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New PC build-upgrade Live 7 Suite 32 to Live 9 Suite 64 Q's?

Post by infesto » Mon Oct 07, 2013 4:05 am

So I am FINALLY upgrading to Live 9 Suite 64bit as I'm building a new WIN 7 64bit (i7 4770k) PC this week and I have a couple of questions before doing the fresh install (I contacted Ableton support 8 days ago, still NO response!! :evil: ridiculous)... basically I'm just trying to figure out workflow and get organized.

1. During installation will I have the option to select locations for everything but the main program files? Or will have to install everything and then go back, find and relocate, specify in preferences etc.? How do you guys have it installed?

My drives will be setup like this:

128GB SSD - OS/programs (Ableton/Samplitude -essential core files only)
2TB HDD 7200 - project folders/files, VSTs, libraries, samples

*2TB HDD 7200 - (external PC's - *see question #3) master WAV's, back up mixes, misc. storage etc.
*1TB HDD 7200 - external USB drive - transferring files around if/when needed

2. Now that I am moving from 32bit to 64bit I'm dreading losing some of my essential synths/processing plugs because Live wont allow use of both... so how are you guys using your older 32bit plug ins with Live 64bit? Is it possible to have both LIVE 32/64 versions installed, running at the same time and drag n drop audio? Or as a last resort, could I install Live 7 Suite (32bit) and use that simultaneously with Live 9? And yes, I've heard about jbridge... some good and bad reviews, doesn't seem like a reliable, easy to work with full solution.

3. Once built, with the new PC I will have 4 PC's in my studio (1 C2D, 1 C2Q desktops/1 C2D laptop -all are XP Pro 32bit) and I'm trying to figure out the best way to utilize these "retired" DAW machines... I'm thinking of maybe using the laptop as a standalone sound module/synth (32bit synths perhaps?), the C2Q as an external drive/storage and then the other C2D (which I use for internet, graphics etc.) as a landing place for mastered audio/MP3's that go out to labels etc.

Is there an easy way to connect one (or all) of these machines to my new PC - so they show up as an external drive(s) that I can quickly transfer files between? How are you guys utilizing your older machines in a studio setup?

Any tips, suggestions, links etc. would be of great help to me this week (it's been years since I did a major upgrade)... your time and expertise is much appreciated! :)

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