Workflow: Drum Racks to Audio Tracks

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Workflow: Drum Racks to Audio Tracks

Post by cjhoffmn » Sat Oct 12, 2013 3:20 pm

After I'm done composing, arranging and editing a track, I generally like to reduce the track down to audio on all individual tracks for mixing. I've figured out nice work arounds for things like flattening tracks with side chaining etc for the track with the key, but one probably that still vexes me is getting my individual midi drum tracks out to audio tracks, especially when the drums are often the keys for the sidechain inputs (I know I can setup a midi only channel with a duplicate of the drums in question and use that as a key instead).

Here's a few avenues I've explored, but would love to hear if there are better ways.

I've setup individual returns INSIDE the drum track and sent all of them to individual sends OUTSIDE the rack and sent THOSE to audio tracks, where I've recorded. Minor problem in that any send/returns I used INSIDE that drum track have to then be sent out as well - the tracks don't come out wet for the effects inside the rack.

I've extracted the chains to individual tracks, but I think I remember I lose all s/r from inside the rack and I have to re-setup all returns and reconfigure the s/r effects.

Am I missing something on this? Is there a way to just freeze and flatten the drum rack to audio with all the tracks broken out?

Thanks for any ideas.

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