What am i doing wrong?

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What am i doing wrong?

Post by cam77punk » Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:22 am

Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone can help me...
I recently had to replace my PC interface, I was running a line 6 ux2 with pod farm 2 and had no problems recording and messing about with Ableton 8 live, all was rosy
But then I bought Native Instruments komplete audio 6, with guitar rig 5
but here's the thing, when I play my guitar I can hear everything though my headphones fine, but when I record in Ableton, I only get one green bar on the audio track on the left hand side
The strength of the green bar is not very high less than half way and when I play it back it seems very distant, Also i normally use a crunchy guitar setting on guitar rig 5, but it comes out clean on the recording??? This is causing me loads of grief, i have messed about with settings and it doesn't seem to help at all
Any help from anyone on this subject would be gratfully apprieciated
I thank you in advance
Cameron, (cam77punk)

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Re: What am i doing wrong?

Post by eyeknow » Wed Nov 27, 2013 7:56 am

I'm not sure if I can help. But for some reason I'm wonder if the I/O section needs some tweaking. For example, my I/O for my card is EXT IN/1. I wonder if you set that up with the input config if that won't help your cause.

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Re: What am i doing wrong?

Post by Klepa » Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:02 pm

Two things that you should try:
- Change the input in Ableton (left/right)according to your interface - as written before
- Change the input-channel in Guitar Rig (left/right/both)
Try the different combinations.
Maybe this helps.

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Re: What am i doing wrong?

Post by andydes » Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:01 pm

Funk N. Furter wrote:
To record guitar, or any external instrument, first load an External Instrument device from Live's device browser onto a midi tack, and also create a separate audio track. Select your audio interface in Midi To, and then your input in Audio From. Route the audio from the midi track to the audio one (cmd I, Audio To) and arm the audio track. You should be ok to plug most things straight in, but always check. Turntables or amps might not have line level outputs, which most sound cards need, so you might need a converter. You can just plug a guitar straight into an audio interface and and then use Live's Amp or Native Instruments' Guitar Rig, plus Limiter, as a virtual amplifier placed after the external instrument device on the midi track.
http://www.macableton.com/Ableton_live_ ... ory/2.html

see if that helps.

Eh? Why not record straight into an audio track?

I don't see the point to this method at all. It's not what the external instrument device is for.

My advice to the op is forget about guitar rig for now. Just record straight into an empty audio track. Your interface can take a guitar directly on inputs 1 or 2 (there may be an inst/mic switch, I'm not sure). Select audio in on the track to either 1 or 2. By default, it is set to 1&2, which is a stereo input.

Once you've recorded a clean signal, try with guitar rig.

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Re: What am i doing wrong?

Post by divonic » Wed Nov 27, 2013 9:59 pm

I am not familiar with Guitar pods etc so This might not help. first off I'm not sure why it would sound good in your headphones but not in live but perhaps the sound card gives you the ability directly monitor. Also I'm not familiar with guitar rig 5 but from my reading, it sounds like you want to add effects to the guitar sound before you record it. IMO you should record the guitar uneffected and then add the effects to the track in live. (can you do that with Guitar Rig 5? are the effects in GR5 VSTs?) If they Are VSTs Here are the steps that I would follow to record your guitar

1. Plug the guitar into one of the mic/line inputs on the front.

2. Choose the correct setting on the line/instrument button on the front of your soundcard.

3. adjust the gain knob on your soundcard so that you don't quite clip when playing loud.

4. In Live Make sure your audio preferences allows you to have mono inputs.

4. In Live choose an audio track, choose line in for audio input. choose a mono not stereo input.

5. record audio of guitar.

6. Apply effects during playback.

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Re: What am i doing wrong?

Post by cam77punk » Fri Nov 29, 2013 1:00 pm

Thanks for all the ideas, i'm working through them now, So i'll let you know how i get on Thanks

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