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Does anybody own the Retro Computers pack by Puremagnetik?

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 8:38 pm
by TheSleeve
Hi everybody,

I'm interested in experimenting with recording some chiptune stuff, and this pack from Puremagnetik seems like it might be a good fit.

The description sounds like exactly what I'm looking for - sounds sampled from the sound generation ICs on the Amiga, Nintendo (NES), and other great old video game hardware. There are only two problems:

1) The demo tracks are, for the most part, over-processed and over-produced. It's really hard to hear what the actual samples sound like underneath all of the layered effects, delays, beat repeats, and other stuff they have sitting in the processing chain.
2) I haven't found any YouTube videos or Soundcloud recordings of people using these sounds in actual productions.

The result is that I have no idea what kind of sounds I'm going to get out of this pack. Based on the demo tracks on the sale page, I'm going to have to pass for now. If anybody has used this pack and likes the sounds they're getting out of it, and possibly can point me to a video or audio clip demonstrating a real production using these sounds, I'd be really grateful.

For now, I'm probably going to go for the Chipsounds VST from Plogue.
Here's a demo EP of tracks using that VST:

Re: Does anybody own the Retro Computers pack by Puremagnetik?

Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2013 2:00 pm
by Hektagon1
I have not tried the retro computers pack from Puremagnetik, but I own Chipsounds and Chipcrusher from Plogue and they are both fantastic I can't think of anything else in the market that emulates 8bit sounds half as good.

If you are looking to do 8bit music check out the following website they have plenty of free sample packs with mutisampled Commodore 64 sounds and plenty of sfx, you will see what I mean:


Re: Does anybody own the Retro Computers pack by Puremagnetik?

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2013 2:45 pm
by TheSleeve
Thanks for your input! I appreciate your opinion, and I will definitely check out the C64 samples you linked.

Re: Does anybody own the Retro Computers pack by Puremagnetik?

Posted: Sun Jun 15, 2014 3:58 pm
by Eunjihan
I bought it the other day as part of the 30% off Packs deal and for €27 it's brilliant. The free Commodore 64 pack mentioned above is nice, but the sounds are very repetitive unlike the Puremagetik pack which has sound effects from Bomber and Defender (remember those lazer blasts?) as well as the "dives" from Galaxian and the high pitched warble of Dig Dug as well as Donkey Kong and an ambient pad called, "Random Bugs of Lore". Obviously a Led Zep fan.

The leads and the effects added are surprisingly good and sound like something from NI's FM8 or a bargain basement Razor and I think I'll probably end up using them for more serious songs than I had originally intended. I got this pack to do some quirky tongue-in-cheek '80s stuff, but it's a lot better than I thought it would be. The only let down is the drum kits, yes there are nice bleeps and blasts but the kicks and snares don't cut it. Fortunately, you can get some great free 8 bit kits from Digicussion.

Overall, I'd recommend it and you'd be surprised how much there is in it.

Word of warning, steer clear of Retro Synths 1980's. It's crap and I'm in the process of getting a refund. Just stick to the original Retro Synths released last year as it's brilliant.

Hope that helps,

Eun Ji