How to : use midi remote script Major Update (sparkle)

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Re: How to : use midi remote script Major Update (sparkle)

Post by Raztua » Tue Jun 02, 2015 5:56 pm

i think you should try do the way i have done it:
First i recommand you to use

Code: Select all
this seems to be the most precise callback
then in my script it it calls the function:

Code: Select all

    def _song_time_listener(self):
    if self.actual_mode_button==self.mode_buttons[2] or self.actual_mode_button==self.mode_buttons[3] :
        if int(4*value)!=self.blink_position and (int(value) in range(4*(self.pattern_position-1),4*(self.pattern_position))):
            if self.pattern_buttons[(int(4*value)-1)%16].status:
            if self.pattern_buttons[(int(4*value))%16].status:
        elif (int(4*value))%16!=self.blink_position and (((int(4*value))==16*(self.pattern_position)) or int(4*value)==0):
Let me know if you don t get something

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Re: How to : use midi remote script Major Update (sparkle)

Post by ygdgtl » Fri Sep 04, 2015 4:06 am

Helo, My name is yogie im using ableton live 9.1.7
Im using python 3.4

but, im still find error like this :
10819 ms. RemoteScriptError: Traceback (most recent call last):

10819 ms. RemoteScriptError: File "MIDI Remote Scripts\a\", line 4, in create_instance

10820 ms. RemoteScriptError:
10820 ms. RemoteScriptError: return Transportasi(c_instance)
10820 ms. RemoteScriptError:

10820 ms. RemoteScriptError: File "MIDI Remote Scripts\a\", line 26, in __init__

10821 ms. RemoteScriptError:
10821 ms. RemoteScriptError: TransportComponent.set_play_button(ButtonElement(True, 0, 0, 48))

10821 ms. RemoteScriptError: File "c:\Jenkins\live\Projects\AppWebConnector\Resources\third_party\lib\", line 33, in __exit__
10822 ms. RemoteScriptError: File "c:\Jenkins\live\Binary\Core_Release_32_static\midi-remote-scripts\_Framework\", line 661, in component_guard
10822 ms. RemoteScriptError: File "MIDI Remote Scripts\a\", line 26, in __init__
10822 ms. RemoteScriptError:
10823 ms. RemoteScriptError: TransportComponent.set_play_button(ButtonElement(True, 0, 0, 48))
10823 ms. RemoteScriptError: TypeError
10823 ms. RemoteScriptError: :
10823 ms. RemoteScriptError: unbound method set_play_button() must be called with TransportComponent instance as first argument (got ButtonElement instance instead)
10824 ms. RemoteScriptError:

in my script im just trying to control the global play button.
here is my code :

Code: Select all

from Transportasi import Transportasi

def create_instance(c_instance):
    return Transportasi(c_instance)

Code: Select all

from __future__ import with_statement
import Live
from _Framework.ControlSurface import ControlSurface #Central base class for scripts based on the new Framework
from _Framework.TransportComponent import TransportComponent #Class encapsulating all functions in Live's transport section
from _Framework.ButtonElement import ButtonElement #Class representing a button a the controller

class Transportasi(ControlSurface):
    __module__=__name__                  #name of the class
    __doc__="transport function"           #documentation

    def __init__(self, c_instance):
        ControlSurface.__init__(self,c_instance)   #import the components of a ControlSurface
        with self.component_guard():               #don't know the us of this, but it is recquiered in live 9 scripts
            self.__c_instance = c_instance

            transport = TransportComponent() #Instantiate a Transport Component
            transport.set_play_button(ButtonElement(True, 0, 0, 48))

Whats wrong with my code? Anybody can help me please?


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Re: How to : use midi remote script for the SparkLE

Post by snappyass » Wed Dec 16, 2015 5:45 am

Raztua wrote:Hi followers,

Today i ll try to make a simple program that uses 5 buttons to browse instruments
I will use:
  • button 60 to activate the browser
  • button 61 to navigate up
  • button 62 to navigate down
  • button 63 to navigate left
  • button 64 to navigate right

here is the script :

Code: Select all

import Live #you import Live, in order to be able to use its components
from _Framework.ControlSurface import ControlSurface
from _Framework.ButtonElement import ButtonElement
from _Framework.InputControlElement import *


class sparkLE2(ControlSurface):
    __doc__="Sparkle function"
    def __init__(self, c_instance):
        with self.component_guard():
            self.__c_instance = c_instance
            self.show_message('initialiasation du script')
            #initialisation and setup of the pad          
            self.Pad_browser=ButtonElement(IS_MOMENTARY, MIDI_NOTE_TYPE, 0,60)
            self.Pad_up=ButtonElement(IS_MOMENTARY, MIDI_NOTE_TYPE, 0,61)
            self.Pad_down=ButtonElement(IS_MOMENTARY, MIDI_NOTE_TYPE, 0,62)            
            self.Pad_left=ButtonElement(IS_MOMENTARY, MIDI_NOTE_TYPE, 0,63)
            self.Pad_right=ButtonElement(IS_MOMENTARY, MIDI_NOTE_TYPE, 0,64)
            self.Pad_browser.add_value_listener(self.browser,identify_sender= False)
            self.Pad_up.add_value_listener(self.up,identify_sender= False)
            self.Pad_down.add_value_listener(self.down,identify_sender= False)
            self.Pad_left.add_value_listener(self.left,identify_sender= False)
            self.Pad_right.add_value_listener(self.right,identify_sender= False)

    def browser(self,value):
        if value!=0:
            if self.Pad_browser.status==False:
            elif self.Pad_browser.status==True:
    def up(self,value):
        if value!=0:
    def down(self,value):
        if value!=0:
    def left(self,value):
        if value!=0:
    def right(self,value):
        if value!=0:
How ever i am unable to simulate the return key with a midi inforamtion.
-> I can't add the device to the selected rack.

I have checked the Browser.tags.children etc etc and i am able to load a device using the browser method,

But i am unable to link the View object and the browser object.

if someone has an idea :)
when i try this i keep getting 5301 ms. RemoteScriptError:

5307 ms. RemoteScriptError:
5314 ms. RemoteScriptError: with self.component_guard():

5321 ms. RemoteScriptError:
5327 ms. RemoteScriptError:
5335 ms. RemoteScriptError:
5342 ms. RemoteScriptError:
5349 ms. RemoteScriptError:
5356 ms. RemoteScriptError:
5363 ms. RemoteScriptError:
5371 ms. RemoteScriptError:
5377 ms. RemoteScriptError:
5384 ms. RemoteScriptError: ^

5391 ms. RemoteScriptError: SyntaxError
5398 ms. RemoteScriptError: :
5408 ms. RemoteScriptError: invalid syntax
5415 ms. RemoteScriptError:

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Re: How to : use midi remote script Major Update (sparkle)

Post by snappyass » Thu Dec 24, 2015 4:32 am

sorted that. "from __future__ import with_statement" was needed. did you ever work out how to simulate the enter/ return key? i can use a keystroke as a workaround but with multiple monitors i have to make sure ableton is my screen in focus with a mouse click. so this can be a bit annoying.

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Re: How to : use midi remote script Major Update (sparkle)

Post by b_gamut » Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:38 pm

wrote a little script for those who might want to decompile the .pyc to readable .py recursively. Please change the root address according to your settings. ... f993fbb57e

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Re: How to : use midi remote script Major Update (sparkle)

Post by IMage_Engine » Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:37 pm

Raztua wrote:
Mon Dec 23, 2013 4:28 pm

Edit january 2014 : link to the Video: Enjoy

Sources are avaliable on the 9th post

Your work is still being used!

Unfortunately the video is not working...possible to post on youtube and change the sticky note?

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