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ram usage

Post by unsoundbwoy » Sat Jan 18, 2014 7:59 am

I'm running into issues with running out of ram in a set for a live show. Its with a couple of live instruments.
I'm running 8 lines out, 2 for drums, 2 for bass, 2 for melody and two for backing vocal/cello going into those subgroups there's mostly about 12-15 tracks all audio only, rendered at 24bit. not so many effects or anything. CPU is sitting really low, around 10% but the ram keeps running really low. I tried using a memory management program to clear the ram, but when it cleared I had dropouts.
i'm running live 9.06 32bit on a macbookpro dual 2.0 i7 8gb ram osx 10.7.5

Is there any way to have clips unload as they are unused or something?
or would bulk converting everything to 16bit sort it out?
latency is on 512 with no driver error compensation so overall latency is 12.5ms

would be uper greatful for advice ;)

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Re: ram usage

Post by alpertt » Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:56 am

I think you are running all your audio tracks from ram?
Try to uncheck "ram box" for at least some of them:

Edit: looks like i coldnt put pictures here, sorry :D
There is a checkbox in sample options.

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