Launchkey track select also arms track!

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Launchkey track select also arms track!

Post by smbenn » Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:18 pm


Whenever I press the track select (L/R) using my Launchkey 49 with Ableton 8.1.4, it selects the next/prev track correctly but also arms the selected track as well. Anyone else experience this? Novation looking into this but no firm answers yet.

Settings are:
Control Surface: Launchkey, Input: MIDIIN2 (Launchkey), Output: MIDIOUT2 (Launchkey)
Input: Launchkey 49: Track ON/Sync OFF/Remote OFF
Input: Launchkey Input (MIDIIN2 (Launchkey)): Track ON/Sync OFF/Remote ON
Output: Launchkey 49: Track OFF/Sync OFF/Remote OFF
Output: Launchkey Output (MIDIOUT2 (Launchkey)): Track ON/Sync OFF/Remote ON

I'm also using M-Audio ProjectMix I/O and Launchpad.

Help! Any ideas?!

P.S. No Options.txt file present. (Previously tried the NoArm parm which didn't make any difference.)

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