ableton-style loop start quantization on a website?

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ableton-style loop start quantization on a website?

Post by dburton » Sat Jan 25, 2014 4:02 pm


Anyone know how it would be possible to quantize the start of loops triggered on a website by a button, similar to the clip launch quantization in Ableton? (like for 1/8 notes, for example)

I'm trying to start fleshing out this idea for a web-based music and text project. I'd like to have text on the screen, certain parts of the text will be triggers for loops to start playing back. Each trigger will be a component part of a song (bass, various drums, harmonic/melodic sounds, etc.) The idea is that the song can be assembled or disassembled in realtime by someone viewing the site, not entirely unlike playing around with the clip view in Ableton.

The project will involve a lot of that as long as the different loops start at any 1/8 note subdivision of the bar, they will all sound right together. But the idea is, depending on when the loops are triggered by the viewer, the piece will sound different every time, the loops will rarely interact with each other in the same way twice...

I'm really new to web design, so any insight on how this might be possible or even what programming language one might use (Flash?), or where to seek out more info would be much appreciated!

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